The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


In our last posting a prominent man in our church told me he had a message to deliver to me that came from God. He told me to possess the vision. In today’s posting I will talk about what was communicated in this message.

As this man talked to me he communicated a message that brought to mind the original vision of our church that I had heard so much about from the old timers there. The vision was of a world won for Jesus. In looking at it now I would say that this end state vision was exactly the same as the vision that I had of a budding earth that bloomed into a world filled with Jesus at its center (Surrender-is-Followed-by-a-Glorious-Vision), as it communicates exactly the same end result.

To achieve the vision they were to deploy something they called “A Bridge to the World.” While I did not know much about what this meant at the time, I made a point to learn more about it by talking with people in the church that did.

The bridge to the world was a strategy was to deploy Christian cultural centers around the world that were to be modeled after our church. These centers would provide both missionary and practical training for the express purpose of improving the quality of life for the disenfranchised peoples that they served.

The missionary component of the Bridge would help people develop a more intimate relationship with God which would draw them into the Christian community. It would then provide an educational component to develop spiritual growth, preparation for ministry and leadership training.

Jesus Speaks to the Multitude

The practical training component of the Bridge would provide a library of training material that would enable the people of the community to acquire the expertise they needed to improve their livelihood and standard of living. These materials would be delivered and supported by accomplished advisors and educators.

In our next posting we will talk about how all of this was to be accomplished.