Ministry Overview The United Christian Registry (UCR) ministry seeks to improve the effectiveness of other Christian ministries by:

  • Deploying technology across the world necessary to make it easier for people to:
  • Participate in ministry.
  • Find resources for their ministry.
  • Deliver worldwide interactive educational programs.
  • Enhance and protect religious freedoms and civil rights.
  • Unify in ministries directed toward improving the living standards of the poor.
  • Network more effectively.
  • Grow and prosper.
    • Deploy the free educational programming necessary to improve the lives and life standards of the poor and disenfranchised of the world.
  • To build the foundation of future generations by educating the future generations of Christian leaders.
  • To demonstrate the love of Jesus as well as telling the good news of Jesus.
  • Deliver these products through Christian ministries such that the love of Jesus can be demonstrated as well as taught.
Our Vision and Mission Our vision is to bring Christians from around the world together to substantially improve the life and living standards of the poor and disenfranchised.  We seek to achieve this through the worldwide deployment of UCR facilities that will expand the capabilities, value and power of all Christian ministries.  UCR resources will be used to facilitate the free or low-cost exchange of goods, services, and information between Christians worldwide. Our members will be able to request and receive help from each other using our powerful computing systems and facilities.The United Christian Registry will put in place the technology (computer hardware, software, networking and applications), the support infrastructure, and the resources (facilities, courseware, and supplies) to enable Christian ministries to more effectively grow and prosper.

These UCR facilities will enable Christian ministries and people to network more effectively.  They will enable Christians to unite around a common platform in support of religious freedoms and civil rights.  UCR will support Christian outreach missions and ministries around the world and will provide religious and practical training.  The UCR program will emphasize the practical aspects of transferring all forms of life improving skills.

For clarification, the following paragraphs provide additional information on UCR capabilities.

  • Enable Christian ministries to grow and prosper. UCR facilities and services will facilitate the growth and development of all Christian churches, ministries and people.  UCR will enable people to enter into ministries despite the challenges of geography, life circumstance, or physical limitations.  UCR will strengthen ministries by bringing additional people and resources from all Christian nations.  UCR will also provide the tools necessary to extend the message of Jesus to a broader audience.  It will enable ministries to transfer the practical life and vocational skills that will not only improve their lives but help them to experience the love of Jesus more fully.  UCR is designed to free ministries of clerical burdens thus enabling them to spend more time in ministry.  UCR is designed to build a strong foundation for Christian nations by teaching youth to become the future leaders of their local communities — creating a foundation that will transform the environment around them for the betterment of their people and the world.
  • Enhance Christian networking and communication capabilities. UCR will put in place the information and communications network technologies necessary to enhance Christian ministries.  These technologies will be made available in every part of the world and be available to any person in the world.  With these capabilities, Christians will be able to locate help in solving problems, share the message of their ministry with other Christians, find needed resources, and pinpoint the ministries or people they need to support their mission.  In addition, this technology will become the backbone of the following initiatives.
  • Raise living standards through free education. Provide the education, training, and ministry necessary to enable the poor and disenfranchised to better care for themselves and their families.  These capabilities will be deployed by way of interactive television and will be supplemented with audio visual lessons, interactive dialog with technical experts, automated teaching tools, and hands-on educators and administrators at the local site.  Every subject necessary to help the poor and disenfranchised to improve their living standards will be provided.  These educational capabilities will be delivered anywhere they are needed.  As a result this education and training can be made available to anyone who needs it, through local Christian ministries.
  • Fight for religious freedom, human rights and justice. Provide the tools necessary to enable Christian unity in establishing, extending and maintaining religious freedoms and human rights that should be the privilege of every person.
Values UCR is a Christian organization focused on demonstrating the love of God:

  • We love God with our whole heart and with our whole soul, with our whole mind and with all of our strength.
  • We love our neighbor as ourselves.
  • We love one another, just as Jesus loved us.
Values and Beliefs In addition, we unite in ministry based on the following core beliefs:

  • Jesus is the Son of God and came to earth to communicate and demonstrate the love of the Father for mankind.
  • The love of Jesus was manifested in the sacrifice of His life on the cross, which was offered up for the forgiveness of our sins.
  • Jesus defeated all evil in His resurrection from the dead.
  • Jesus ascended into heaven where He is our advocate with the Father.
  • Jesus has sent us His Holy Spirit who enlightens our path and empowers us for spiritual warfare.
  • This enlightened path will lead us to the Father who will be faithful in His covenant promises to those who are steadfast to the end.
Our Ministry Target Market United Christian Registry seeks to support all Christians and Christian ministries, and in doing so, indirectly supports all humanity.The ministries supported by UCR will extend the message of Jesus to the world by providing practical skills that will improve and transform their lives.
Our Team Our team currently consists of one full time person and the construction of a support team is in progress.

Our Progress

To date our progress has been to publish the book, “Possess the Vision” which communicates the message of our ministry. To date books have been distributed five bookstores in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

Our Plans for the Next Three to Six Months

  • Our initial plans are to put an executive team together to manage the necessary developmental activities. Primary goals will be to modify and ratify the program charter statement and launch a scoping activity to develop and identify the technology architecture, functionality and communication capabilities as well as UCR facilities.
Our Request and Use of Proceeds These will be established in the scoping activity.
Our Offering These will be established in the scoping activity.