Jesus is the Way

We now plan to present an investigation into the significance of Jesus’ statement; “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” with our primary focus for this post to be on what Jesus meant when He said “I am the Way.”


Our strategy is to draw parallels to the Tabernacle Courtyard as the passage way into this chamber of the Tabernacle is also called “the Way.” So the Tabernacle Courtyard will become a starting point of our investigation as we will present its artifacts, attributes and purpose.


Once we have achieved an understanding of the Courtyard we will turn our attention to the parallels in the life of Jesus. We will demonstrate that His life and words reveal Him to be the Courtyards’ prophetic promise for the forgiveness of sin through Gods’ relationship of grace with man. With that said, let us move on to looking at the Tabernacle Courtyard.

The Courtyard is enclosed by a linen fence and a gate (called the Way) that provides entry into the Tabernacle. Three objects can be found in the Courtyard. They are the Altar of Burnt Offerings, the Brazen Laver and the Sanctuary tent.

Upon the Altar of Burnt Offerings animal and blood sacrifices were made for the forgiveness of sins. The Brazen Laver was used for cleansing by the priest after performing their duties in the Tabernacle Courtyard and prior to entering into the Sanctuary tent.

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Next our attention will turn to looking for parallels in the life of Jesus, starting with the Altar of Burnt offerings. First we will look at Jesus being the sacrifice for our sins because He is the Lamb of God. Next we will look at Jesus from the standpoint of being the good shepherd as He gave His life on the cross for us.

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The Good Shepherd gave up His life for His sheep.

The Brazen Laver is another object found inside the Tabernacle Courtyard. It’s main purpose is to allow for the cleansing of the priest prior to ministry. The following link will take you to the post that describes the Tabernacles’ Laver:


One of the ways that can claim that Jesus is the fulfillment of Tabernacle prophesies is by looking at the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. The following link will take you to this discussion.