Jesus the Holy Place of Empowerment and Truth

We now have completed our section on Jesus “The Truth”, so let’s summarize the things that we have covered prior to moving on to the next section which is entitled, Jesus “the Life”.

Jesus proclaimed to be “the Truth” and this section was a search to find out what this actually means. It just so happens that the name, “the Truth”, is also used to identify the entrance into the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. In the days of the Tabernacle only the priest could pass through the Truth and enter into the Holy Place. Even then entry into God’s house was a serious thing and required preparation to become worthy of entry (see postings on the Way). Entry was momentous as it signified the establishment of a closer relationship with the all mighty God. The Holy Place was sacred. It was the place of empowerment and bring down the forces of evil through prayer before God.

So with all of this understood, we can come to understand what Jesus meant when He said “I am the Truth”. He is saying that by coming through Him in prayer, that we can find the empowerment necessary to reach the spiritual maturity necessary to attain our mission on this earth.

In the Holy Place we find the Golden Altar which enlightens those in the Holy Place to the presence of the Table of Show Bread and the Golden Altar of Incense. We find that in Jesus we have a far better replacement of all of these things. 

We find that in Jesus our Golden Altar, that we are enlightened by the “Light of the World” to understand our purpose and the steps we must take to be effective in ministry. This light was displayed at the Transfiguration on the Mount before His disciples and revealed who Jesus is. Jesus calls each of us to be a light of His Truth to others. 

We find that in Jesus our Table of Show Bread, that we develop a close and personal relationship with “the Bread of Life”. This relationship helps us to understand that all of our provisions come from Him and that without Him we can do nothing. Jesus the Bread of Live was revealed when He multiplied the loaves and the fish for the five thousand who were hungry. Jesus calls us to be the bread of life for others by feeding them the truth of who He is.

We find that in Jesus our Golden Altar, that we are empowered for spiritual warfare through our prayers that go up to heaven. This empowerment comes through the examples of Jesus praying prior to taking action in ministry. His prayers in the garden for example, delivered instructions that were hard to accept and yet, were exactly what was needed to accomplish His mission on earth.  Jesus demonstrated this empowerment by healing the sick, raising the dead, confronting an evil establishment and raising Himself from the dead. Jesus asks us to enter into His spiritual warfare by revealing the truth of Him to others and by taking action to support the direction He has given. 

Putting it all together, Jesus is the truth about our relationship with the Father. He is our Lamp that will enlighten our mission and pathway toward God. He is our empowerment that comes to us in the form of the Holy Spirit and guides us to bring down the forces of evil in this world.  

In our conversation of the Truth, we saw examples of these things in the life of Jesus. Miraculous things like the casting out of demons, healing the sick, confronting evil religious leaders and even dying on the cross for us. From all of this we can conclude that spiritual warfare requires action that is based upon our prayer life. For example, Jesus prayed in the garden prior to taking the action (He went to the cross for us). Jesus was enlightenment in the Transfiguration (the Golden Lamp Stand) with the truth about His identity (the Son of God). More importantly, Jesus had a close personal relationship with the Father (the Table of Showbread) that gave Him the perfect faith to know that the His actions would be supported by the Father in miraculous ways.

In the Holy Place of Jesus we are enlightened with spiritual truth, we receive our communion with God and we exercise our power over evil everywhere.