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My posting today is a bit different. One of my readers has invited me to preach to his community this fall and has asked that we pray together about it. In addition, as he serves a poor rural community of farmers, they have several needs for their ministry. I pass their note on to you so that you may pray also. If by some chance you can be of help to them please contact pastor David directly. I have also attached a picture of him as well.

Brother David Muyoti

Brother David Muyoti

Hi, Papa Joe & family,
Thanks very much Papa Joe and beloved family. We will always pray for your success of coming to Kenya in October 2009.
We pray that you will be able to get all things e.g. passport, funds, yellow fever and other vaccinations, etc, that you would need to be able to travel to Kenya. We pray for God’s favour on you and your family and ministries. Thanks for your prayers for me and my family too.
The following are our prayer request:
1. Pray that we will soon get funds to purchase full set of Public Address Systems, e.g. an electric Keyboard, box and horn speakers (both big and small ones), microphones, generator, amplifier, a drum set, etc.
2. Pray for us that we will soon have funds to be able to buy a 1 acre land upon which to build our own worship venue-currently we are just renting our worship venue.
3. Pray for me and my beloved wife Susan that God will open doors for us to be able to get funds to buy some 2 acre land upon which to build our own home to stay. This is because, we are currently staying in town in a rental home, whose rent we pay every month. We want God to bless us with our own home since we are His servants.
4. Pray for us that God will soon bring to us His people to hold our hands as we do His Divine work in Kenya and Africa as a whole.
That is all for now.
We welcome you to Kenya and to our home in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
All for Jesus!!!

CELL PHONE: +254712927370.

I hope that God leads you to do His will in regard to these requests.

May God bless and keep you always.

Papa Joe

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