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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

How to Judge a False Teacher of the Gospel?

I had a reader comment that I was a false teacher. He based his opinion on my statement that Jesus claimed to be the entryways into the Tabernacle when He said; “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  The problem according to this reader is that there is no direct scriptural reference to support such a statement. So, in this posting I will begin to address these issues. The first thing I would like to present is a statement from Paul that comes from 1st Corinthians 4:

1. Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 2 Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful. 3 But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by a human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself. 4 For I know of nothing against myself, yet I am not justified by this; but He who judges me is the Lord. 5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.

st paul on the road to damascus

I am content on Paul’s statement as I am not concerned by the opinions of men and I am prepared to let the Lord be my judge. This is because I have only shared my personal journey with the Lord, a journey that has revealed many things to me and hopefully my readers as well. This journey was motivated by my desire to better understand Jesus, a task that included a quest to understand what He meant when He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” This quest led me to the answers I have communicated on this site. It was a quest that included a comprehensive search of the bible, and reaching out in prayer asking for answers. Based on this I would say that the teaching of Jesus is that we should not Judge, not even someone we believe to be a false teacher. This is in line with the statement of Jesus that proclaims: “Judge not lest you be judged!” In addition, please understand that I should not be considered by any of you as your teacher, as it is written in Matthew 23:

Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples, 2 saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. 4 For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. 5 But all their works they do to be seen by men. They make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garments. 6 They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, 7 greetings in the marketplaces, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’ 8 But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ,[b] and you are all brethren. 9 Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10 And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ. 11 But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. 12 And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Jesus Speaks to the Multitude

Jesus Speaks to the Multitude

So as you can see that you have only one teacher. Your learning has to come by way of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. My part in all of this is to present my journey with the Lord to you, in the hope that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you pathway as He did for me. In my next posting I will address the other issues identified in the first paragraph. Until that time, may all of God’s blessings be upon you.  Papa Joe

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In this vision, I saw the buildings that were a part of God’s plan. I saw the circular shape of the building’s exterior. I glimpsed inside and saw something that looked like computer consoles and display screens that wrapped their way around the center of the building. I was amazed at the practical value that the buildings offered.


I remember marveling at these buildings in my mind and even speculating at what a great price each building would cost to build. My mind started racing. How many buildings would be required to train and save all the people on the earth? If each building could serve a thousand people, then it would take millions of these masterpieces to carry out God’s plan. What an incomprehensible cost, I thought. Let’s see, a million buildings at approximately a million dollars a copy. That would be trillions of dollars just for the buildings alone. Where would that money come from? My answer would come sooner than I thought. I will tell you more in my next post.

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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


Read the truly amazing life story about how the forces of good and evil battle over a man and the vision that God gives him. Joseph W. Gordon’s Possess the Vision (Xulon Press, $12.95, 140 pages, ISBN 1-59781-205-6) tells about the mysterious spiritual experiences that occur throughout his lifetime.



Our past set of postings has proposed that a universal technology be developed and deployed with the purpose to unite and empower Christians around the world. This technology is to be built and established by Christians for Christians. It is designed to help usher in the kingdom of God by supporting the growth and development of all Christian churches, missions, and peoples. It is to be a tool to enable Christians to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ more effectively and, in so doing, become more fruitful as a people. Fundamentally, this technology is to be a tool to help Christians work together in the ministry of improving the world around them; by helping the poor and disenfranchised better take care of their families.


With this being said, God started to talk to me about His provision and support for the vision through the prophetic. This started one Sunday when a visiting pastor pulled me out of the congregation and gave me a message from God that was so accurate that it could only have come from God. The things that he told me were not only incredible but they revealed things that only I could have known. I was in awe of the words that he spoke. Here is what he said:


Tonight you are going to get a breakthrough. It has already started—it has already started. God has blessed you. Your mind is so sharp. It is so keen. It is so precise. Your memory, your retention, your energy for detail, it is so right there. But, the enemy comes at you. I am going to tell you something. You could see success in so many different ways. But, I want you to understand something. God has a success plan for you in your spiritual walk. He has planted you in this church. He has planted you within this ministry, and God is going to use your life supernaturally. The Lord said some things are going to begin to happen down in your spirit, and it’s going to be greater than any day that you have ever beheld before. But brother, sometimes the thing gets so heavy. You just feel like a weight is on your head. You get under so much pressure. You get under so much stress, and you say, “I can’t take this.” And the Lord said I am going to open up the anointing to your thoughts. This thing is going to lift. This thing is going to be destroyed, and you are going to begin to relax.


I look at people, and I don’t know anything about you. I do know one thing though. I know your name is Joe because you have it on your name tag. But Joe, I’m going to begin to turn some things into the hands of an almighty God. And the Lord said, whatever your hands do is going to begin to prosper. There is going to be a loosing of the blessing of God upon your life greater than you have ever known before. There is favor that is coming upon you in the corporate structure greater than you ever thought could happen. The Lord said, that you thought to yourself, “God, if I am what You want me to be I am going to get persecuted.” Oh, son, don’t judge that to be the truth. Judge this to be the truth: with anointing comes favor. I am going to give you favor like I gave Joseph. I am going to give you favor like that of Laban when he looked at Jacob and said, “I have been blessed because you have been with Me.” And the Lord said, “I will give those over thee an understanding that you bring favor, you bring wisdom, you bring direction.” And the Lord said, “I see the circumstantial struggles. I see the battles in your midst. I see even an individual that has stood against thee and has fought thee in the steps that you have been taking.” But the Lord said, “I will pull the teeth right out of the mouth of the lion. I will mute the voice of the devil. And you shall sound like a trumpet. You shall be heard in high places and it shall bring results.”


He continued prophesying: Oh my, I see a report. I see something lying on your desk. I see it is like recommendations. The devil is saying this isn’t going to fly. And the Lord would say, “Read about Joseph. You’ve got that kind of favor.” And the Lord said, “You know how I guided you, and you know how I directed you. And, you know that I have given you the insights that I have given you. I am going to cause favor to come upon you. And, son, you have not ever asked Me for promotions. You’ve not asked Me for raises. Oh, but son, don’t be surprised when they come, don’t be surprised when they come. Because you’ve sown seed and you have trusted Me, and, you’ve said, ‘God I just want to do what you want me to do.’” “And, I would say, I will uproot. I will uproot the thorns. I will uproot the briars. I will cause the fir and the myrtle tree to flourish because My Word will not return void”, says the Lord of hosts. “And, I would say, I have seen you as you have sat at your computer. I have seen you as your fingers have moved across the keyboard faster than you have ever watched your hands move before because I was putting the thoughts and directions into your mind. I know they have to do with carnal things, son. But it has to do with the fact that I put you where I have put you to let the glory of God shine.” And the Lord would say, “I have seen you, even in the early morning hours. I have seen your wife when she has come into the office and into the study of your home and said, ‘Honey, it’s late. You’ve got to come to bed and rest.’ But, I kept speaking concerning the natural but yet the supernatural is on it. Son, know I am with thee. Be not troubled. Be not distressed. Be not worried. For the glory of God is upon thee”, says God.


I take this prophetic message to mean that God was intending to support the development of a strategic technology to be a delivery system through which His love can flow. In my next posting I will get into the details of this message and why it was so profound.




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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


A few weeks ago we proposed that a universal technology be developed and deployed with the purpose to unite and empower Christians around the world. This technology is to be built and established by Christians for Christians. It is designed to help usher in the kingdom of God by supporting the growth and development of all Christian churches, missions, and peoples. It is to be a tool to enable Christians to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ more effectively and, in so doing, become more fruitful as a people. Fundamentally, this technology is to be a tool to help Christians work together in the ministry of improving the world around them; by helping the poor and disenfranchised better take care of their families.


In our prior postings we have laid out the communications infrastructure for the mission, but this may be of little value in many third world countries where people are suffering the most. In addition, many ministries require person-to-person interaction. Book learning can only go so far. To become proficient, one needs hands-on experience. This certainly includes job and trade skills like auto mechanics, home construction, and farming. In addition, ministering to the homeless and disenfranchised in third world countries requires feet on the ground. Physical presence is also desirable in spiritual matters where praying for the sick and the laying on of hands can enhance the outcome. 

Jesus "The light of the World," Heals a Blind Man

Therefore, we need to do several things. First, we must build a courseware and expert knowledge to support the missionary efforts abroad. Second, we must expand the knowledge and capabilities of the existing missionary force through the educational and communication capabilities of the computer technology we have presented. Thirdly, we must recruit and train expert advisors who can augment the skills and courseware being used by missionaries. Fourthly, we must recruit and train additional missionaries, again through the leverage of churches and computer technology. 

Saint Peter Healing the Cripple - Raising Tabitha - Masolino

To achieve these things requires bringing the capabilities of computer technology to the world, starting with the industrialized countries that have the means to support outreach missions. The overall plan is to first deploy this customized technology in strategically located churches across the United States. These churches will then coordinate the development of the initial curriculum.


Each church will develop a portion of the curriculum using the technology and the human resources of the church. First, they will develop the curriculum by collectively seeking the advice of their existing missionary force. Once the curriculum has been established, individual courseware will be developed. Each church will have responsibility for the development of one course. Once completed, it will be reviewed by representatives from the other denominations and then certified. After certification has been accomplished, each church will have access to the entire curriculum of courseware. This should represent a substantial return on their investment because an entire curriculum of classes is now available to each church for the price of developing only a single class.


With this educational material in hand, the churches can now do a number of things. First, they can release the training material to their general population for individual use and development. The result will be a congregation that is better prepared for ministry and able to achieve a higher standard of living as a whole. Secondly, the training material can be used as a ministry to the communities in their vicinity. Even in America, there are plenty of people who would be interested in free education and training. This would be especially true if that training would help them improve their standard of living and increase their ability to take care of their family. The result of such a ministry is that the church will gain a solid opportunity to evangelize, which will bring people to the Lord and increase the membership. Thirdly, existing ministries can be extended to include the training and education programs available or initiate entirely new ministries based on them. Of course development will not stop at this point because there will be several rounds of expansion afterward. Many churches will be drawn into the program and with them will come the development of additional curriculum. More course work will be developed, more technology will be used, more outreaches will be created, more lives will be improved, and more people will know about Jesus and work in the service of the Lord.

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”


The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Read the truly amazing life story about how the forces of good and evil battle over a man and the vision that God gives him. Joseph W. Gordon’s Possess the Vision (Xulon Press, $12.95, 140 pages, ISBN 1-59781-205-6) tells about the mysterious spiritual experiences that occur throughout his lifetime.

Development of Course Ware in Support of Universal Christian Education


A few weeks ago we recommend that the universal Christian Community work together toward the deployment of a Christian Educational system. This system could be available to anywhere in the world by leveraging existing computer, communications and software technology.

A key component of all of this is the development of educational content. Content will be the very heart of the product that is to be delivered to the poor and disenfranchised peoples of the world. This course ware will be developed by Christians from across the world and then donated as a gift to all peoples of the world. In addition, processes will be established that enable continuous improvements to the course work as is appropriate. Educational materials will also be modularized such that good material can be reused in future course ware development.

The course ware will be displayed in a multimedia format much like television but will also have interactive components as well. Therefore, this material will require the interactive participation of subject matter experts to address student questions and needs for support. A major portion of this support is to come via on-line television that connects the student to the teacher via the Internet. The thought here is that subject matter experts can be made available much easier when travel and residency outside one’s native country are not a requirement. This strategy will also be very useful in areas of the world where Christian persecution is a problem.  

The Martydom of Saint Paul - Tintoretto in 1556

For cases where the physical presence of a subject matter expert is required, the recommended course of action will be to use local people who are trained to accomplish this mission. So, while I expect that there will be some cases which will require the physical transportation of subject matter experts and teachers, in all cases a plan to transfer this capability into the hands of local people must be carried out. Therefore, train the trainer programs will be developed to achieve this objective and in some cases practical experience must be achieved by transporting people to the host country.

In summary, the computer systems, networks and course ware will support existing missions with the capability to improve the living standards of the peoples of the world, while also spreading the word of Jesus where it is currently absent. They will be a demonstration of the love of the body of Christ for all people. It will help them be self sufficient, not relying on the handouts of others but rather instilling in them the confidence of their ability to adequately care for their families and lead their respective communities.

Undertaking such an initiative will require a tremendous amount of work. But we already have a treasure of religious educational services in place. Certainly there are educational programs deployed for child education that includes K-12 courses. There are religious colleges that specialize in both contemporary as well as religious programs. There are seminaries and religious programs designed to prepare people for ministry. There are also existing audio/visual materials that are teaching programs, bible studies and religious education. These are the places to start because much of the material is available, well though out and proven to be effective. The work to be required would be to transfer this existing material into a form where it can be made available to others through the facilities we have been talking about.  

One of the benefits of participating in such an effort is that there are several positive effects of developing such subject matter. First of all, it would enable these school systems to deploy this material in their own schools. This would provide teachers with a wealth of material to integrate into their own curriculum’s. This can provide the benefit of reducing the amount of time invested in developing this teaching material from scratch. This in turn could free teachers for other necessary activities like providing personalized tutoring, grading exams, preparing for future lesson plans or administrative paperwork.

The material developed for online course work can also be used by new teachers to reduce their class ware. In addition, since the material will be modularized, there will be times when pieces of material from one course can be reused. In such cases teacher productivity is improved. Other productivity improvements will also be provided such as self grading tests, templates for lesson plans, and student collaboration.  

Read the truly amazing life story about how the forces of good and evil battle over a man and the vision that God gives him. Joseph W. Gordon’s Possess the Vision (Xulon Press, $12.95, 140 pages, ISBN 1-59781-205-6) tells about the mysterious spiritual experiences that occur throughout his lifetime.

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

A Plan to Launch Online Christian Education Services

In our past two postings we have looked at the core beliefs and core values of a Christian ministry. We have done this after recommending that Christians of all denominations work together toward developing educational and vocational course-ware to assist the poor and disenfranchised of the world to better care for their families and therein improve their lives and living standards. All of this of course, would be used to also deliver the message of Christianity while delivering practical living messages.

Jesus Speaks to the Multitude

We as Christians, therefore, should unite on these core values and beliefs by sharing what we have with the world. More specifically, we must share our knowledge, skills, and know how. To use an old analogy, we must teach them to fish rather than simply giving them fish. This being the case, we must proceed hand in hand toward the development and use of technologies that enable us to work together more effectively (presented previously.) In walking together in this way, we will demonstrate the love we have for our brothers and sisters in the world, and we will be doing what Jesus would have us do—have compassion on the poor and hungry.

Jesus Heals the Leper

One major goal of this ministry is the installation of a global network of Christian training centers that will change the lives of the people of the world. The people of the world will be touched by the words of truth about Jesus. The poor and impoverished of the world will be empowered to permanently improve the quality of their life and of future generations as well. The establishment of these facilities is designed to demonstrate the love of Jesus by preaching the gospel, healing the sick, caring for the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, clothing the naked, and caring and nurturing them in love. The ultimate hope is to enable the disenfranchised and poor to lead their countries to a higher standard of living by training them in religious, cultural, language, technical, and practical skills.

This all starts with the launching of the technology and capabilities identified in our prior postings. Missions will develop the training school component for the missionaries of the Christian nation. Cross denominational missions will develop a network of followers from all denominations, who will, in turn enter the mission field. They will provide hands-on experience in spiritual and life skills. They will focus on leadership principles with the goal of building nations of Christian leaders. It will be a model for others that will be built around the world.

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet

The overall objective is to systematically build and partner with existing Christian ministries to:

Achieve the vision through leverage of all the skills and expertise of the Christian body.

Establish alliances with key individuals and corporations for materials and supplies.

Negotiate agreements with other nations for facilities.

Grow the body of Christ.

Communicate the vision.

Align the world of Christianity through common ministries.

Do everything possible, and then step back and watch God take over and do the impossible.


The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


In our past several postings we have introduced the concept of using technology in support of Christian ministry. We have also introduced a mission statement to improve the living standards of the worlds poor through education and training. Such a technology certainly must be state-of-the-art and must deploy computer-based training that delivers courseware in an audio visual format, including full interaction with live advisors. The idea here is to leverage world class expertise in courseware that can then be delivered anywhere in the world. This courseware can be supported from anywhere. Such a capability can extend the reach and capability significantly. This world class courseware must be able to address any life skill. So courseware must be available to improve any job skill or prepare a person to improve their standard of living. For example, this courseware can address subjects like auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, sales, marketing, art, pottery, finance, farming, computer programming, management, home construction, business ownership, and all the rest. However, since the initial targets should primarily be the third world countries, preliminary establishment will focus on the skills needed most by these peoples. These countries have the poorest living standards and are the ones most in need of help.

An extension of this objective is to equip the poor children of the world to be the future leaders of their cities, regions, and countries. In achieving this objective, the Christian nation will build a foundation where future generations can work and live in dignity, respect, and peace. They will build an environment of peace based on knowledge and self-determination.

Those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell In (Isaiah 58:12).

Most of all, this technology and its capabilities are intended to be a blessing of love from the bride of Christ to the poor and hurting peoples of the world. It will show them that the bride comes with a compassion for them, just as Jesus did. Therefore, the people of the world will see the love that Christians have for them.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

The result will be a better world for everyone. When the people of the world come to know Jesus and can adequately take care of their families, they will reach out to others in love also. Putting this vision of a better world into place will replace love for hate, truth for lies, light for darkness, and the way of God for the way of the world. So, I compel you to posses the vision!



The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”


This posting will present the rationale for establishing a technology base upon which the vision and mission statements can be accelerated. In addition, it will explore the capabilities necessary to empower Christian ministries around the world. The following capabilities are deemed advantageous for success.


First of all, let’s address technology because it is a vital component in helping to unite the bride of Christ in ministry. The technology we are talking about should be able to reach every person in the world regardless of location. It should enable every individual minister to communicate with the people in their ministry from wherever they happen to be at the time. In a similar way it can provide every person seeking help with a way to get access to a ministry that can help them. Therefore, the technology established here should be designed to become the hub that connects people to ministries and ministries to people in a very flexible and dynamic way. Establishing a technology of this type produces a number of benefits. First of all, it brings all the people of the world closer together. In other words, ministers will be able to serve others all across the world in new ways without having to travel and without serious impact on their everyday schedules. This is because they will be able to minister to others from their home, church, library, or anywhere there is a computer connected to the Internet.

Secondly, this technology opens ministry opportunities to everyone. Therefore it is not to a tool that is just for pastors, priests and other clergy, but rather a tool for the people in the congregation as well. This should include people with mobility restrictions, physically limited, elderly, in a nursing home, a hospital, or prison. They all must be able to leverage this technology to minister to others. In a corresponding way, people in existing ministries must be effective in reaching them as well. Therefore, this technology broadens the opportunities for ministry by opening channels of communication in both directions. In addition, this technology will help to address the issues of unity that we discussed in a prior posting (http://posseUnity-and-Love-are-Required-in-the-Ministry-of-Jesus-Christ) as it will be able to bring people together from across any of the many of the currently segregated Christian religions.

Our future postings will drill down on the intended uses of this technology in Christian Ministries. The first are we will cover is that of education. This is a critical component of Christian ministry and in many ways is the primary mission of the bride of Christ. Certainly we are to educate others about Jesus Christ and the kingdom and nature of God.

In our prior postings on the prophetic nature of the Tabernacle of Moses (The-Tabernacle-is-Prophetic-of-Jesus), we identified that each component found in the Tabernacle is prophetic of Jesus and His ministry. In our postings about the Brazen Laver (The-Tabernacle-Courtyard-is-Prophetic-of-Jesus-a-Review) we uncovered that prophesy of the Laver pertains to the true nature of Christian baptism.

Jesus, Moses Discuss the Fulfilment of Tabernacle Prophesy

The following high level discussion presents how this can be. The high priest back in the days of the Tabernacle was required by law to wash at the Brazen Laver prior to entering into the Holy Place of God for service to God. As the priest leaned over the reflective surface of the polished brass he saw his reflection through the water. Legend has it that the priests believed that they saw themselves as God saw them as they washed at the Laver. Since they were preparing to enter into the house of God, this vision through the water gave the pause to contemplate their worthiness to enter.

For Christians Jesus is our Brazen Laver. By looking into Him we can see ourselves as God sees us. We do this through the washing that comes through reading the word of God. More specifically, by reading the Gospels that communicate what Jesus did and said when he walked on the earth. When we read these accounts of Jesus’ actions, we who seek to walk as He did – must contemplate our worthiness to enter into His ministry. We must ask ourselves if we would do what Jesus did in similar circumstances. If it is not then changes are warranted by asking the Holy Spirit for help. In this way our hearts are conformed to His heart.

John Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River

The bottom line is that this prophetic description of true baptism is in fact the core mission of Jesus, which is to baptize the nations:

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, (Matt 28: 19.)

Therefore, education is a critical component of Jesus’ Grand Commission. Our next posting will explore the functional capabilities that should be present in the technology deployed to make education ministry an easier, faster, more effective and far less labor intensive. There a most likely many questions about this. Tune in next week to get the details, or drop me a line by entering a comment to this posting.

May Gods blessings be upon you are your family,

Papa Joe

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Christianity and the Politics of Education


In a prior posting we discussed the divisions in the Christian faith. We then followed this up with a look at the consequences of these divisions that pertain to the abortion practice in this country. Today we extend this discussion to the politics of education in America.

The educational policies deployed in America have resulted in both religious discrimination and repression. Prayer and religious education have been banned in public schools creating a situation in which religious families are taxed but can not have representation in changing the public school curriculum to one of their choosing.

This taxation without representation can be overcome by the affluent who can pay the tuition to send their children to parochial schools. On the other hand, it leaves the poor and disenfranchised without an alternative. So on the one hand we have the affluent that must pay double for their children’s education (once for school taxes and again for tuition,) and on the other hand we have the poor who are often forced into morally bankrupt environments that seldom offer hope of escaping poverty.

Quite frankly, it is the poor, the underprivileged and the disenfranchised that are the greatest concern. I believe that it is fairly well established that a status quo position will only continue the generational cycle of poverty and crime to continue. These children are the future of America and a potential future generation of Christians it we can take action now. Action that will give these families the choice of a faith based education that can break the cycle of generational poverty. Enabling this choice will strengthen America. A focus on God will help to break the cycle of prostitution, drugs, abortion and crime. The truth is that our current condition has been fostered under the public school system and therefore, there is no reason to believe that these sad outcomes will be different in the future. To the contrary, religious schools seem to be able to overcome these situations (see the Time Magazine story on the University of Detroit High School) when funding can be obtained.

Like it or not our schools are the battle fields for the minds, hearts and souls of our Children. It is in the class rooms that the issues of good and evil are presented. Never before has there been a larger gap in moral teaching and values between the public and religious schools.


The body of Christ - On Earth as it is Heaven


One of the greatest differences in moral teaching between public and religious schools is in sexuality. Public schools teach safe sex and in doing so inadvertently encourage promiscuity, while religious schools teach chastity and the avoidance of sinful activity. Public schools teach children to be accepting of the practice of homosexuality, while religious schools proclaim it to be an abomination to God and a sin. Finally, the public schools encourage “family planning,” which is code word used to encourage young pregnant girls to go to the abortion clinic to eliminate their problem. Of course, religious schools teach that abortion is the murder of the most innocent of all of God’s children. These are stark differences indeed and reason enough for all Christians to seek religious schools for their children even when public schools have high academic standings.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the moral values taught in these schools has to do with basic belief systems. Fundamentally, since public schools can not teach about God their major focus must be on instilling a belief in self reliance. After all, without God there is little sense in charitable service or even team play unless there is something in it for me. Of course in the religious schools they learn to focus on God and that we work in the community of believers and have the favor of God for the service of others. So the basic difference is a fundamental focus on self, or a God focused service of others.


The Twelve Year Old Jesus Teaching the Scribes


These are critical moral issues that are forming the culture of our children’s future. Unfortunately there is no alternative for many Americans. Many poor and middle class people can not afford the cost of private schools. Are they not worth fighting for? How many poor neighborhoods loose their children to lives of prostitution, drugs, murder, or crime? Are they not worth fighting for? Do we think that they can work their way out of this cycle without God? Or can we keep things the same and break the cycle? Certainly, all of this has a dramatic impact on the future of America.

It also has a dramatic impact of the future of Christianity as well. Is Christianity going to shrink such that only the rich believe? Is this what Jesus taught us? Are we not to ministers to the poor and the widows? Are we not to help the disenfranchised, the sick and the hungry? Well, effective change starts with education and that education is not available because we as Christians do not unite and take the action necessary to change the system. My belief is that we must do all that we can to secure public funding for school choice, such that parents can choose the schools that their children attend.

So, what is it that we need to do? We need to come together to in sufficient numbers, such that we can change the balance of power in our state and county governments, to enable the allocation of educational money for all children in support of the education of their choice.

Many people believe that such a change is impossible because of the constitutional separation of Church and state. While it is true that governments can not provide funding to religious organizations like religious schools, it is no longer an issue because of relatively recent Supreme Court decisions. Notably, the Zelman decision makes it legal to distribute finances in support of a child’s education at the school of choice. The key difference here being the support of child education rather than a religious school.

May God bless you and your family

Papa Joe Gordon