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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


A few weeks ago we proposed that a universal technology be developed and deployed with the purpose to unite and empower Christians around the world. This technology is to be built and established by Christians for Christians. It is designed to help usher in the kingdom of God by supporting the growth and development of all Christian churches, missions, and peoples. It is to be a tool to enable Christians to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ more effectively and, in so doing, become more fruitful as a people. Fundamentally, this technology is to be a tool to help Christians work together in the ministry of improving the world around them; by helping the poor and disenfranchised better take care of their families.


In our prior postings we have laid out the communications infrastructure for the mission, but this may be of little value in many third world countries where people are suffering the most. In addition, many ministries require person-to-person interaction. Book learning can only go so far. To become proficient, one needs hands-on experience. This certainly includes job and trade skills like auto mechanics, home construction, and farming. In addition, ministering to the homeless and disenfranchised in third world countries requires feet on the ground. Physical presence is also desirable in spiritual matters where praying for the sick and the laying on of hands can enhance the outcome. 

Jesus "The light of the World," Heals a Blind Man

Therefore, we need to do several things. First, we must build a courseware and expert knowledge to support the missionary efforts abroad. Second, we must expand the knowledge and capabilities of the existing missionary force through the educational and communication capabilities of the computer technology we have presented. Thirdly, we must recruit and train expert advisors who can augment the skills and courseware being used by missionaries. Fourthly, we must recruit and train additional missionaries, again through the leverage of churches and computer technology. 

Saint Peter Healing the Cripple - Raising Tabitha - Masolino

To achieve these things requires bringing the capabilities of computer technology to the world, starting with the industrialized countries that have the means to support outreach missions. The overall plan is to first deploy this customized technology in strategically located churches across the United States. These churches will then coordinate the development of the initial curriculum.


Each church will develop a portion of the curriculum using the technology and the human resources of the church. First, they will develop the curriculum by collectively seeking the advice of their existing missionary force. Once the curriculum has been established, individual courseware will be developed. Each church will have responsibility for the development of one course. Once completed, it will be reviewed by representatives from the other denominations and then certified. After certification has been accomplished, each church will have access to the entire curriculum of courseware. This should represent a substantial return on their investment because an entire curriculum of classes is now available to each church for the price of developing only a single class.


With this educational material in hand, the churches can now do a number of things. First, they can release the training material to their general population for individual use and development. The result will be a congregation that is better prepared for ministry and able to achieve a higher standard of living as a whole. Secondly, the training material can be used as a ministry to the communities in their vicinity. Even in America, there are plenty of people who would be interested in free education and training. This would be especially true if that training would help them improve their standard of living and increase their ability to take care of their family. The result of such a ministry is that the church will gain a solid opportunity to evangelize, which will bring people to the Lord and increase the membership. Thirdly, existing ministries can be extended to include the training and education programs available or initiate entirely new ministries based on them. Of course development will not stop at this point because there will be several rounds of expansion afterward. Many churches will be drawn into the program and with them will come the development of additional curriculum. More course work will be developed, more technology will be used, more outreaches will be created, more lives will be improved, and more people will know about Jesus and work in the service of the Lord.

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”