The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


It all started with an experience I had while in a prayer group meeting with members of my church. It was a vision of the bride of Christ. So, in our recent postings I have communicated what I experienced. In these postings I have communicated a vision of the bride of Christ that reveals her attributes, nature and mission.

The Power of Prayer

This prayer group experience was preceded by my surrender to God and a promise to do what ever He wanted. So, God had me on the fast track, so to speak. In my prior two postings I have communicated my experience of hearing the audible voice of God call my name. I also communicated that I saw a vision of a straight path that I was given. An artists drawing of the straight path can be found on the top of this page. This path leads to the glory of God that is on the horizon. Today’s posting is a vision of a white dove.

One day an evangelist came to minister to our church. My wife and were quite impressed with him when we went to church on Sunday and we were quite excited to hear that he was going preach at several special services during the week. We wanted to attend each of these services but that would require that I drive 50 miles across the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The commute time alone would be an hour in each direction minimum. I did have some flexibility in my schedule however, so I planned to take an early lunch, attend the service for about an hour, and then return to work. I would then stay late to make up for the lost time. So I decided to give it a try.

Giving such an effort to grow closer to God, frequently results in marvelous consequences, and sure enough, something glorious happened while I was driving down U. S. Interstate 5 to one of the services that week. As it happened, my mind was wandering as I drove in heavy traffic when suddenly I noticed a white dove in the distance. It was flying straight toward me, coming directly down the lane in which I was driving. As far as I could tell, it was pure white. As it approached, I could see its eyes, and it seemed that it was looking straight at me. I also noticed that it was flying very fast because its wings were flapping extremely fast.

Then, the thought occurred to me that the dove was flying directly toward my windshield. I braced myself as it approached, thinking that it was about crash into the car. But, it swooped at the last second just inches away. This is the way that the Holy Spirit manifested Himself to me that day.

I now see this as a sign that the Holy Spirit will support the earnest efforts of people to find God.