The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


Today I am going to tell you about a vision that I had that I believe to be important. It is the vision of the Cross of Jesus coming to life. In my past several postings I have been communicating about a number of other visions and spiritual experiences that I have had in the past. These experiences started shortly after I had surrendered my life to God and told Him that I would do what ever He wanted me to do. God then led me across the country to a church that He wanted me to attend. He also led me to attend a prayer group meeting where I experienced being a part of the bride of Christ on her wedding day. In this posting I communicated a vision of the bride of Christ that reveals her attributes, nature and mission. After this experience I heard the audible voice of God call my name. I also had a vision of a straight path that led to the glory of God (represented in the picture at the top of this page), and I had an experience of a white dove (the Holy Spirit) fly into me while I was on a highway in LA. So, you could say that God had me on a fast path for sure.


The vision of the cross of Jesus came in the night. In the vision I saw a wooden cross standing alone on a desolated hilltop. For some unknown reason I understood it to be the cross on which Jesus was crucified. It was upright but was leaning significantly at approximately a forty-five degree angle. It looked as if it had been abandoned. It looked dead. For some reason I could not take my eyes off of it and so, my gaze continuously upon it. Then I was drawn closer to it so that I could examine it in more detail. The wooden members resembled those of old railroad ties. I just kept starring at it, not wanting to look away. Then, the grain of the wood started to change color. Dimly at first, but eventually the grain glowed a bright red-orange color. The glow was like that given off from the burner of an electric stove.


As I stated above the glow started gradually being almost unperceivable at first. However, Its intensity grew continuously brighter until the red-orange color was vivid and glowing. The cross that had once been dead was coming to live. I then began to see that the wood grain as a transparent sets of arteries, much like those of our human bodies. I say that the arteries were transparent because I could see blood cells traversing through them. They were carrying the nutrients and healing power to where ever they were needed. As I continued to look upon the cross in amazement it soon took on a three dimensional appearance. I could now see through all the layers of the grain and as a result, I could see the blood of Jesus flowing through them all. As incredible as this sight was, the show was not over yet. The glowing red cross began to pulsate light. Photons of red light pulsed out of it in all directions at the same time into sky around me. Every three or four seconds another pulse would be shot out into the atmosphere. The light of Jesus was going everywhere!

I am quite sure that I could never adequately communicate to you just how spectacular and awesome a sight this was to see. The cross of Jesus is alive!


What does this mean to the bride of Christ? It means that she is to take up the cross that Jesus left, which is hers to carry until His glorious return. It is in carrying this cross that the bride prepares for the second coming of Jesus, her Bridegroom. The cross of Christ must come alive in the hearts and minds of all Christian people when we truly take it up.


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