The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Surrender is Followed by a Glorious Vision

Shortly after my surrender to God in the hallway of my home something amazing happened that was to signal a vastly different future for me. It happened as I was in bed. I was in that twilight place halfway between sleep and consciousness that I had a most beautiful vision. I will make an attempt to adequately describe what I experienced, even though I am sure that no description could ever live up to what I saw. None the less I will make an attempt to do so here:


The first thing that I saw was a bright florescent orange globe that appeared against a steel blue-black background.

The colors were sharp and crisp, and they emitted light from within somehow. The image was clearer and sharper that anything I had ever seen in my life. From time to time it seemed that knowledge about what I was watching would enter my head. In this regard I knew that the orange globe represented the earth. Despite this knowledge the sphere was one solid color and did not contain any visible signs of continents or oceans.


Then an object appeared at the geographic most Northern point of the sphere. The object had the shape of an Indian arrowhead. It was black, pointed on one end and had a short tail on the opposite end. In addition, it was very smooth and flat on the surface.

I thought of it as being a shuttle for some reason.


The shuttle started moving due south, leaving behind a thin black line at its trail. It traveled directly to where the South Pole is found and it disappeared, leaving a perfectly straight black line connecting the North and South Poles. It was a line that dissected the globe into two halves. I continued to watch as the shuttle reappeared at the North Pole again. This time it was on a different longitude track, drawing another black line across the face of the orange globe. I watched as it slowly traveled across the great face of this huge globe, seemingly inch by inch. I continued watching for quite a long time as several new lines were drawn over the face of the globe to the left and right of the original north/south line. The new lines were drawn in sets. Each line of a set was of equal distance from the original center line. When the shuttle had completed its vertical slicing, the shape of the globe resembled a peeled orange. All of the lines ran through both the North and South Poles. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.


But, the shuttle had not completed its work. It reappeared at the eastern side of the ball’s equator and circled the globe several times until all of the latitudes were completed. I gazed upon the orange globe, now marked with horizontal and vertical lines. As I was marveling at its beauty, the orange skin started to peel away at the North Pole. Specifically, one of the orange-slice-shaped pieces curled back into a tightly wadded roll. This section rolled back until it passed the equator line. It stopped curling and looked like a tightly wound scroll. Then, one at a time, the rest of the orange slices performed the same curling process and each achieved the same result. This process revealed a pink layer that was previously hidden underneath the orange skin. The smooth, pink surface turned out to be the petals of a flower that was about to bloom. The tightly wrapped flower petals started to grow and mature. As they did, beautiful pink flower petals began to unravel. The flower continued to grow, and the petals continued to open up into a mature state. Next, the fully mature flower continued to produce new petals at its center, which is the equivalent of the North Pole point of the globe.


As the newly formed petals grew to maturity, they migrated to the outside to make room for new growth. Eventually the petals at the outside edge ran over the edge of the globe. They would hang down in a long stream of petals that somehow remained attached to the flower. The process continued and the train of pink flower petals continued to grow longer as well. I just watched in amazement, awestruck with the beauty of all of this. Then, somehow it dawned on me that this process was infinite. It would have no end. It would go on like this forever.


As I continued to watch this spectacular show, I wondered what would happen if I opened my eyes. Was it possible that I could be dreaming all of this? So, I opened my eyes and lifted my head in an effort to look around the room. To my astonishment, the vision continued even with my eyes wide open. Moreover, I could also see my dresser and the walls of the bedroom through the transparent-like vision of the flower. I did not understand how this could happen, but I did not want to miss any part of the dream. So, I quickly closed my eyes again to focus on whatever else might happen. However, I couldn’t help but wonder again about why this was happening to me. Why should I know this? What significance is this to me?


I am not exactly sure what happened next. Either the globe moved, or I moved. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Whatever occurred, it caused my perspective relative to the flower to change by ninety degrees. Initially, I was gazing at the flower from a point approximately even with the equator. When the movement was completed, I was gazing down on it from a point directly above the North Pole. To be more exact, I was directly above the precise center of the budding flower. While I was considering this in my mind, an opening appeared in the center of the flower, and I was drawn into it as if pulled by a magnet.


Once inside, I found myself at the feet of Jesus. This Jesus was not the same size as the man who once walked upon the earth. Rather, He filled the earth from pole to pole. His giant feet were planted at the North Pole. His head towered to the South Pole. He was dressed in a long white robe. I attempted to see His face, but the distance was further than I could clearly see. I was able to examine His arms, however, as they were outstretched to each side like the statue in Brazil.

It was as though He was administering a blessing to the people of the world.


The vision was beautiful in every way. It was more real than any of the experiences in this life. Interestingly, it occurred within days of my surrender. I did not know it then, but God was there once again. He had shown me the big picture or the end state. He had revealed His plan for me by showing me the vision. I was about to enter a world that would bud into a beautiful flower. This world would blossom forever because Jesus was at the center of it. In addition, this vision was not for me alone, but rather, for everyone who places Jesus at the center of their world. For them it is prophetic of God’s blessings that are to come upon His people. It is a picture of peace, well being, love, and relationship with the Father that God gave me to communicate to you. It is a promise of spiritual victory over evil right here on earth. It ultimately is a fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer that proclaims:


In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9 – 10).


Therefore, the victory is in our hands. For God’s kingdom to come to earth, His will must first be done here on earth, just as it is being done in heaven. What a wonderful end-state it is! The inspiration to write my book, Possess the Vision, is founded on a world filled with Jesus at the center. As you will soon find out, God was about to bring me into a world filled with Jesus right here on earth.

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