The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

A Message to Possess the Vision

One day I was visiting at the church office when a Christian associate came into the office. He excitedly called me over and announced that God had given him a message for me. He communicated the message to me over the next few minutes. The more he talked the more thrilled I became. What he gave me was a complex message. So, I will explain it by breaking it into two major sections: enthusiasm and possess the vision.


The first part of the message dealt with enthusiasm, and this subject certainly applied to me. I naturally tend to be low key and do not often show a great deal of emotion, so this message was instructional.


Possessing the vision was the real meat of the message. Most certainly God had been very generous to me in the vision department over the years. After all, there was the vision of the earth blooming with Jesus at its center, the glowing cross of blood (A-Vision-of-the-Living-Cross-of-Jesus), the penetrating light hitting the earth (Vision-of-an-Enlarging-Sun), the straight path (The-Bride-of-Christ-is-to-Make-a-Straight-Path-for-the-Return-of-Jesus), and the bride of Christ (The-Spiritual-Realm-of-the-Bride-of-Christ). While all of these visions were spectacular and conveyed a powerful message, I would have to say that I did not possess them. Possession implies ownership, and I believed at the time that God owned these visions and would be the One to set them in motion and sustain them. But now that I think about it, why would God need to show them to me? God is certainly able to get all of these things accomplished without me. But, since He gave these visions to me, He must have a role for me to play in bringing them to reality.

Here I was again receiving messages from God that were sent to me at an incredible rate and in an unmistakable way. I was thinking that God was going to move in mighty ways, when all along He wanted me to take action regarding the vision. Even this direct message did not deliver this realization to me until several years later. I guess I am not one of the mental giants of the universe. The good news is that God does not need a mental giant; He only needs someone who believes in Him without doubting and who will do His will.