The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In my past couple of postings I have communicated how a man delivered a message from God to me that told me to possess the vision (A-Message-to-Possess-the-Vision.) In my last posting I articulated the vision (The-Vision-of-a-World-Won-for-Jesus) and fundamentally, when we look at it, it is a Christian vision of love. This message was confirmed by my own spiritual messages and images from God, which include:





The vision was further supported by the original vision statement of the church that I was attending, a church that God moved me thousands of miles to attend. So, today we are going to look a dig deeper into this vision by looking at how our church planned to achieve it.

Last week we briefly introduced the concept of the Christian Cultural Center. They are a key component of a strategic deployment plan. They are to be built one at a time and deployed along with all the necessary people, financing, and programs from the hub location, which would be our church in the beginning. In phase (1) of this strategy ten new hubs would be created. They would be deployed in major cities that spanned the entire globe. In phase (2) these new hubs would be developed such that they could create ten additional centers (called spokes) in that region of the world. In effect, each spoke would be a smaller version of the hub. They would serve smaller communities and accommodate fewer people but would have the same capability. Subsequent phases would result in the spokes also multiplying until the entire globe was covered.

Each spoke would be created by its hub which would be responsible to provide the people, financing, and educational capability. The plan calls for each Christian Cultural Center to grow, mature and become self-sustaining. This means that the local people eventually take control of it and therein be responsible for achieving the objective of creating several new spokes of its own in it locality. This in turn requires them to develop local people who in turn would be sent out to initiate new spokes.

The Disciples are Sent out

Each spoke is to be developed in close association with local governments. The plan requires that the land would have to be provided by the local government. In return, the building and the facilities would be provided by the hub ministry. In addition, the plan calls for everything to be turned back over to the local community within five years but managed by the people who have been trained for this specific purpose.

So that’s it in a nut shell. This is one way to possess the vision. Perhaps it is not the only way. Our next posting will look at a Mission statement to guide a Possess the Vision effort.


Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”