The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In my previous posting I discussed the initial spiritual attack against me that led me to the emergency room door. Today’s post will help to clarify what happened on that first day at the hospital. It also serves as a base point to launch into my crossing over into the spiritual realm, which I will present in several of my future postings.

The body of Christ - On Earth as it is Heaven

When I arrived at the emergency room (ER), I jumped out of the car and I meandered in, clutching my stomach while being unable to stand upright. I was in a great deal of pain and therefore understandably irritable. I went up to the admissions window and demanded immediate attention. What I received from the nurse at the window was forms to fill out and a request for proof of insurance. I was starting to wonder if I would get the treatment I needed in time.

I gave the nurse my insurance card and started to fill the forms out right at the admission window. I soon started to that feeling that I was going to puke again and then quickly bolted for the restroom again. At the time, I was still thinking that I had food poisoning and that all I needed was a quick stomach pumping and I would be on my way.

On the other hand, with all the vomiting you would have thought that I would have been getting better, but this was not the case. Sensing that I was acutely ill, the ER nurses immediately came into the waiting area with a wheelchair and took me inside. Then, a very young man came into the examining room and pressed on my stomach. He looked like he could have been a high school student to me. I remember thinking; surely this is not my doctor. As it turned out, he was the intern on duty, and yes, he was the doctor who would perform the preliminary examination.

He probed my stomach and had the nurses take blood samples. As I waited for the assessment of these tests, the pain grew steadily worse. After an hour or so, the young doctor returned to the room. He told me that he had reached a very rare and unusual conclusion. As a result, he had requested a second opinion from a senior doctor at the hospital.

After an additional thirty minutes, the senior doctor came to examine me in a similar manner. After checking all the data, he advised me that he concurred with the young doctors’ diagnosis. However, he was asking for a review and validation by the head doctor of the hospital. I asked why this was necessary but he would not tell me anything.

Suddenly things were getting really scary. What could be so bad that it needed this level of attention? There was more waiting because the head doctor had to be called in from home. Again, I was reexamined and after a lot of deliberation, they all agreed that I was suffering from a malfunctioning pancreas.

I was taken immediately to the intensive care unit. There they gave me morphine for the pain that by now had spread throughout my entire body. I had pain inside of me and I had pain on the surface of my body. This pain was everywhere. It felt like I had needles and pins placed on every square millimeter of my body, inside and out. In fact, the pain was so great that certain parts of my body were starting to go numb.

My family came to the hospital to visit and to check on my condition. Although I did not know it at the time, the doctors had already advised them to contact the rest of my family because they did not expect me to live through the night.

The initial doses of morphine proved ineffective. Additional doses were administered but they didn’t help. So, they connected me to my own personal morphine injector machine that gave me the ability to regulate my medication level within tolerances. When the pain would start to get bad, all I had to do was push a button at the side of my bed and another dose of morphine was injected into my body through a catheter in my arm. Interestingly, the morphine never really made the pain go away. It just got me to a point mentally where I just did not care about the pain anymore. So for example, at one point in time when my stomach started to hurt again, I remember thinking oh well, so what!

Another thing that the doctors did not tell me was that they had done all they could. There was no treatment for the pancreas-related problem. Their plan was to keep me off food, and hope that I would pull through. Of course, they did not tell me about the seriousness of my condition either. I believe that this was a good move on their part as I strongly believed that everything would eventually be fine and that I would fully recover.

I remember the nurse closing the curtains on my small cube inside the intensive care unit and turning out the lights as she left. I remember lying there for a while and just looking up at the ceiling and wondering what would be the outcome of all of this. Eventually, I became groggy and drifted off to sleep.

I did not know it at the time but was soon to find out that the devil had me right where he wanted, sick and in pain and ready to die. I was about to pass over to the spiritual world to see its horrors and to learn its truths. In our next posting we will delve into everything I experienced on the other side of this world.

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