In my earlier posting, I disclosed how I journeyed through space and time and arrived at the spiritual Golgotha, the Skull. You can find it here: MY JOURNEY TO SPIRITUAL GOLGOTHA

What I Experienced Inside the Skull

I soon found myself swimming with millions of other lost souls in a phosphorescent yellow-orange plasma that furnished a scorching heat and immense pressure. The heat seared my skin, and the pressure painfully squeezed me into a rage. 

The souls swimming in the lake with me resembled white tadpoles. Together we darted to and fro, attempting to escape the stinging heat and the crushing plasma. 

In addition, we relived the horror, sorrow, pain, and misery of those we hurt. Over and over again, we experienced the feelings our victims experienced from our actions. It never stopped. Even worse, each experience of every soul is transmitted into the plasma and received by everyone there. Accordingly, every soul relived the cumulative sorrow of every other soul’s victims. Thus, there is a threefold effect of the plasma. There is the heat, the pressure, and thirdly, the continual reliving of the horrors inflicted upon the world. All this drove us into madness, and we darted back and forth, frantically searching for a way out. Like pollywogs being heated in a chemistry beaker, dashing back and forth, seeking escape without hope or rest, exploring continually for relief without end, howling in despair. 

I believed there was no escape from the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, but I was instantly relocated to a large searing hot cave. Read my next posting as I face Satan in the depths of Hell. You can find it here: IN HELL – CONFRONTED BY THE DEVIL.