My prior posting can be found here: Entering The Spiritual Realm

As we ended that posting, I lay in an ICU bed, passing into unconsciousness. I departed my physical body and found myself in a transparent vessel in the vastness of space. The craft moved slowly forward through space and time, and I passed the life I would have lived behind. This missive picks up at that juncture and divulges the rest of my voyage to spiritual Golgotha.

The Journey Begins

I proceeded to look around as I progressed through space. I soon detected a slightly larger object in the infinite sea of stars ahead. As the ship advanced, I noticed that this object was not spherical, though I couldn’t quite recognize it.

Then suddenly, a repulsive stench arrived. It was faint at first, and I found myself sniffing to recognize it. But when the full power of that putrifying odor descended on me, it struck like a massive swell crashing onto the shore. I gagged and became nauseated as the smell of death and the stench of decaying human flesh sickened me.

Soon afterward, I heard soft melodic sounds that I could not place. I noticed, however, that its volume gradually rose as I approached the strange object before me. A chill ran through my soul when I discovered the sound to be the voices of numerous souls, simultaneously wailing in torment and despair. This perpetual melody of misery evoked a very heartbreaking and gut-wrenching sensation.

I subsequently glanced up to check my direction and observed that I was approaching the now larger-looking white object in space. I also noticed that my s-curves now seemed larger. I confirmed that I was on a track toward this irregularly shaped object and that the putrified stench and wailing sounds emanated from within it.

I soon glimpsed what I wish I had not, a gigantic, human skull hovered in space. It had muscle and hair in various places, but, in general, it was severely decayed. Most of its skin was missing, exposing underlying muscle, ligament, and bone. However, most areas leave only the skeletal structure observable. The jaw displayed only a few teeth while exhibiting a wicked smirk. The right eyeball was missing, and the stench and the wailing emerged from this empty cavity.


The closer I came to this skull of death, the more I became astonished at its enormous size. The sine wave flight path now swung me from one edge of the object to the other, and before I knew it, all I could see before me was the skull. Yet, I proceeded onward, and soon all I could see was the empty eye socket before me. I then realized my total insignificance relative to its enormousness. Nevertheless, I extended my course by entering the empty eye socket as it engulfed me. Once inside, I got a close-up view of the remnants of the ligaments and muscles of the eye socket. Yet, I proceeded onward, moving into total darkness and eventually passing through an invisible passageway. My voyage appeared over, and I wondered what might lie ahead.

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