The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In a series of prior postings I have communicated how a life threatening illness sent me to the emergency room where the doctors did not expect me to live through the night. Being close to death, my spirit left my body and I experienced the truth of our spiritual reality. I travel to and swam in the Lake of Fire (also called the second death) where I experienced the unimaginable horrors. I then went into Hell where I was confronted by Satan and experienced the incredible hatred that he has for me. Next I traveled to the Judgment Seat of Christ and heard the words from God that no one wants to hear, “Why should you live?”

The Judgment Seat of Christ

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But I made a promise to God that I would be better if He would work with me. The next thing that I knew was that I woke up in the intensive care center. I had lived through the night but what was about to become clear was that the battle for my life was not over.

It was at this time that I noticed that I was a very different person than I had been prior to going into the hospital. Of course, I was terribly sick and as a result, in a state of funk most of the time. But, it was more than that. One thing in particular that I noticed was my extremely vulgar speech. Vulgarities seemed to flow out of my mouth with every sentence I uttered, and for some reason I did not seem to care. Nor was I concerned who it offended. No one was spared my offensive speech—not my mother, father, or my children. Doctors and nurses were daily victims of my foul mouth. Even things like the simple notes that I wrote to people contained vulgarity. It was so bad that it was even obvious to me that something was wrong. I wondered to myself, why am I saying such disgusting things? It was obvious to everyone that my vocabulary had changed.

In reality, the stench of death was still all over me. Oh, I was alive and in this world, but death still covered me like a blanket. My mind was also affected. My thoughts were of sensual pleasures and flirting with nurses. This was just incredible behavior for someone who could die any minute. I remember thinking, what is wrong with you? You’re so sick you cannot stay awake for more than an hour at a time and you are thinking these ridiculous thoughts?

In addition to this the physical attacks of the devil were about to resume. In my next posting I will communicate how I almost died from not being able to breath.


Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”