The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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The Physical Impacts of Spiritual Attack


In a series of prior postings I have communicated how a life threatening illness sent me to the emergency room where the doctors did not expect me to live through the night. Being close to death, my spirit left my body and I experienced the truth of our spiritual reality. I travel to and swam in the Lake of Fire (also called the second death) where I experienced the unimaginable horrors. I then went into Hell where I was confronted by Satan and experienced the incredible hatred that he has for me. Next I traveled to the Judgment Seat of Christ and heard the words from God that no one wants to hear, “Why should you live?”

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On day two of my hospital stay I could not have been any sicker. I remember thinking at this point that at least I was still alive. I spent the entire first week in the intensive care unit. Most of my time was spent sleeping—healing might be a better word. My doctors confirmed that my pancreas was the major problem. It had literally exploded by producing thousands of times the normal quantity of digestive enzymes. This over production caused such a great pressure on the inner lining of the pancreas, that it was pushed through the outer wall of the organ in much the same way an inner tube is forced through a weak spot in a bicycle tire. The doctors called the protrusion of the inner wall a pseudo-cyst. In addition, they considered it to be a very dangerous problem because it would eventually harden and break. In turn, this would result in the uncontrolled release of digestive enzymes into my blood which would have a disastrous effect on my body. The digestive properties of these enzymes are used by the body to digest dense proteins like meat and are not found anywhere else.

This is what had already happened. The pseudo-cysts had leaked extraordinarily high volumes of digestive enzymes into my bloodstream where they started to break down my body proteins. This must have been the reason for the numbness I felt. These pseudo cysts continued to slowly seep digestive enzymes into my system because my pancreas continued to over produce them. The result was that my blood, veins, arteries, muscles, nerves, organs, bones, and brain were disintegrating. Because of the continued over production of enzymes, my body remained under continuous attack.

My doctors told me that the pseudo-cysts danger was a ticking time bomb that would have to be defused before it was too late. Surgery was on their minds and in their hearts from the very beginning. But for now, I was not strong enough for any operation. My body needed to recover, and I needed to gain strength.

In the meantime, the doctors proceeded with a recovery strategy that focused on an abstinence from food. This approach was based on the fact that the pancreas is a digestive organ and only produces digestive enzymes when food is introduced. Through the elimination of food, my digestive system would be put to sleep and the over production of digestive enzymes would be stopped or slowed down considerably. This in turn would give my body time to cleanse itself of the toxins that were causing the damage. Throughout this process my blood was closely monitored to ensure that the enzyme levels were in a tolerable range. I made it through the first week without eating anything. After that, I was fed an IV sugar and vitamin solution.

The doctors said that this process was having the desired effect; my digestive system had been put to sleep, and I was gaining strength. While this was good news, I still felt very sick.

So at this point, we knew what the problem was and had a plan to address it. What we did not know was that the attacks were not over as I would suffer multiple setbacks while in the hospital over the next three months. I will tell you about these in subsequent postings as I present the chronological tale of events that transpired. But there is also a psychological impact from spiritual defeat. There was a stench of death that permeated by physical being and this is to be the subject of our next posting.


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