The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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Entering the Spiritual Realm of Death

 In my prior posting I told you about sever stomach pains that resulted in a trip to the emergency room and ultimately to the intensive care unit. The diagnosis was a life threatening pancreases problem. There is nothing the doctors can do except provide me with pain medicine and hope I pull through. They tell my family that I will unlikely make it through the night.  


Unaware of this information, I lay in a bed wondering what will come of all of this. The nurse turns off the light which means that their work for the day has been done. I dose off and then separate from my body to enter the spiritual realm (also see The-Day-Everything-Changed).  


I found myself sitting with my legs crossed, sitting on an invisible surface, seemingly suspended in space. I knew that the invisible surface was there because I could feel it underneath me. I also knew that there was a transparent dome covering me, although I can not explain how I knew that. The dome allowed me to see in every direction while, at the same time, protecting me like the windows in a car. This craft seemed to me to be something akin to a one passenger space ship. So, there I sat floating in the blackness of space with the lights of billions of stars all around me. 


It was then that I realized that I was about to travel through space and time. Once again I have no idea how I know this. It is like a thought has been inserted into my brain. 


The next thing that I noticed was the initial sensation of movement. Progress was slow at first but gradually accelerated into the vastness.  


I then started to hear the voices of people and conversations, or portions of them. One spoken fragment would be followed immediately by another as I traveled past them. The sensation would be like one driving a car past a long line of people who were all engaged in dialog. It was as if I was passing miles and miles of talking people.  


As I accelerated, the words came more rapidly, were higher pitched and less recognizable. Eventually, there were only a few words that I could recognize, and they soon turned into unrecognizable bleeps. I felt that I was traveling through the lives of others and listening in on their conversations. As the acceleration continued, and the voices became just blips—short pluses of sound like Morse code, eventually turning into the squelching sound made on an older radio when you turn the dial very rapidly across an entire range of stations.  


The ship was moving through time. Once again, for some reason I knew that I was passing the fleeting voices of future conversations in my life. They were sounds of a future that I was not likely to have. Suddenly these sounds just stopped and total silence returned. I thought, based on the duration of the voices, that I would have had a very long life.  


I then attempted to identify my location. At first, all I could see were the stars and the blackness of space all around me. Then I noticed that I was not traveling in a straight line through space as I had thought. Rather, I was weaving back and forth like the s-shaped curves a snake makes as it moves forward. I would first veer to the left, curve around to the original direction and then swing way back to the right before initiating the cycle all over again. Back and forth I went even though I maintained one true heading forward. I was traveling through space in the path of a sine wave, weaving back and fourth but still progressing forward in a straight line. 


I would soon find out that my destination was Golgotha, the place of the skull (dead). I will tell you all about this in my next posting.  

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