The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In my prior postings I have told you about a severe medical condition that resulted in my admittance to an intensive care unit with a life threatening pancreases problem. It was there that I left my body behind and traveled through space and time, having not idea where I was going. This posting is the continuation of this story.

I continued to look around as I traveled through space and time. I noticed that there was a slightly larger object than the rest in the stars ahead. As I approached this object I noticed that its shape was different as well. It was not spherical like the stars, but I could not as yet make out its shape.

Suddenly, a strange and repulsive odor arrived. It was faint at first, and I found myself sniffing in an effort to identify what it was. Then, the awful odor hit me full strength like a wave crashing onto the shore. Its stench overwhelmed and choked me. It was then that I realized that odor was decaying human flesh. The smell of death was making me sick.

Then I started to hear sounds again. They also were faded at first and seemed almost melodic. I tried to identify the sounds were but could not. However, I noticed that they seemed to be getting louder as I approached the strange object before me. Then suddenly, a chill ran through me as I recognized the sound. It was the sound of a mass of people wailing in torment and agony. It was the sound of thousands or perhaps millions of souls simultaneously crying out in pain and despair. It was the perpetual song of torment that invaded me. It evoked in me a very depressing and gut wrenching feeling of agony and despair.

I looked up again to check my heading. I could see that I was still moving rapidly toward the now larger, white object in space. I also noticed that my s-curves were seemingly larger as I approached. One thing was certain now—I was heading directly toward this thing, what ever it was.

I soon realized that both the putrid odor and wailing sounds were coming from it. I continued watching the object as I meandered through space. The image grew larger until I saw what I wished that I did not. It was a gigantic, degenerated human skull floating in space without a body.



The cranium still contained bits of flesh and hair in various places. But, in general, it was seriously deteriorated and decayed. Parts of the face had no skin but revealed the underlying muscle and ligaments. In other areas of the face, the muscle and ligaments were gone and revealed the bony structure of the skull. The jaw area had completely deteriorated and exposed the teeth and jawbones that seemed to project an evil smirk. The right eye was missing; it was from here that the sounds and the stench escaped. These awful things were coming from deep inside the skull.

I continued moving closer to the skull of death and as I did, I was amazed at its enormous size. Still traversing in sine wave pattern, the ship’s movement from side to side now took me from one edge of the skull to the other. Soon afterward, all I could see before me was the skull and yet my momentum continued to carry me forward in an obvious collision course. I saw the skull grow in size as I rapidly approached. It was then that I knew just how small and insignificant I was.

I approached even closer until all I could see was the open eye socket before me as I slithered my way toward this “place of the skull” or Golgotha.

John 19:16 – 18 Then he delivered Him to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus and led Him away. And He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha, here they crucified Him, and two others with Him, one on either side, and Jesus in the center.

I continued forward, entering the open eye socket and watching as it engulfed me. I got a close up view of the remnants of ligaments and tissues inside the eye socket.

And yet I continued steadily forward, moving now into total darkness. Even in complete obscurity I continued on until I entered through an open passageway that I could not see. For now my journey was over. I wondered what might lie ahead.

So my journey into the spiritual realm had begun. My travels took me to the place of spiritual death. The spiritual equivalent of Golgotha, or the place of the skull, the place they killed Jesus. The journey was not over however. I had just entered the passage way to the Lake of Fire, which has been described as the second death in the book of Revelation. Our next posting will cover my experiences there in detail.

Until then, may Gods blessings be upon you.

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