The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


 Just a few days later, our new pastor once again pulled me out of the congregation and spoke the following words:

 And my son, what I have done is small compared to what I will do. It is but a seed compared to what I’m getting ready to explode. It is but an investment compared to what I’m getting ready to release. As I have talked to you again and again about the hundred fold, oh yes, and your carnal, analytical, add it, subtract it, divide it mind has said, God, but that is so much. But, my son, it’s not that much to me. But you have said, God I’m not looking for me. I’m not looking even for my family. Oh, I’m looking for the kingdom. And the Lord would declare there are even amounts of finance that you have asked Me for and you know it will take miracles to bring it. But, it shall be released, says the Lord. Because I have had an account for even a last day revival—the wealth of the wicked that has been laid up for my sons and daughters. And many do not even realize I’ve already set it aside. I’ve already done it, says the Lord. And the Lord would declare unto thee, limit Me not. Favor—favor is thy word. Favor is thy heritage. Favor is thy future. Favor will bring thy increase. New wine, new wine into new bottles!

I understood this prophecy as a promise of God’s provision for whatever resources are necessary to accomplish the vision presented in this book. I hope that you have enjoyed my stories and that you were able to see the wonderful future that God has for his believers. A new earth filled with Jesus at its core, forever blossoming into a beautiful flower.

I trust that this blog may have helped you to find God’s purpose for your life. If you have not found it then I suggest that you seek it, for the Bible states; seek and you will find. Chances are that you will discover like I did, that it was there all the time. I compel you to possess the vision of the bride of Christ prepared for the marriage feast when Jesus victoriously returns.