The Tabernacle Holy Place Is Prophetic Of Jesus

In this post we continue to present our case that the Tabernacle of Moses is Prophetic of Jesus. To get a good foundational understanding of the Tabernacle go to the following posting: The-Tabernacle-Is-Prophetic-Of-Jesus. Reading this post will help you to better understand the material presented here.

We have also presented a post on the Tabernacle Courtyard, and understanding it may be helpful in getting your arms around the Holy Place and how it is prophetic of Jesus. It can be found in the following posting: The-Tabernacle-Courtyard-And-Jesus.

So, with that said, lets present the Tabernacle Courtyard.

As we pass through the Tabernacle entrance called “the Truth,” we enter into God’s Holy Place. It is in the Holly Place where we enter into God’s gifts of enlightenment, relationship and empowerment. It is here where we are illuminated with the information necessary to guide our steps in ministry and where we come to know the purpose of our life. It is in the Holy Place that we become a member of God’s family and enter a close personal relationship with God. Most importantly, it is here that we enter into spiritual warfare, which is the performance of Gods will on earth by way of our prayers and actions.

When correlating the objects found in the Holy Place to the actions and words of Jesus, we also find that Jesus is a far superior replacement for the old covenant Holy Place. It is only through Jesus that we are able to establish a relationship with the Father. It is Jesus who is our Light of the World, who illuminates our way, and it is the Holy Spirit of Jesus that leads us to be victorious in spiritual warfare. It is therefore through Jesus that our relationship with the Father is restored, our pathway is illuminated and the will of God is manifest.

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