Seeing the Devil at a Young Age

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

In my previous posting (Possess-the-Vision) I communicated that I was going to present the spiritual experiences of my life that led to the creation of the Possess the Vision Mission Statement (PTV Mission-Statement.)

The experience I am about to communicate to you took place prior to the time that I started grade school. It will prove to be quite unbelievable to most people, and to be perfectly honest, would have been disregarded by me as well if it were not for all of the other unexplained spiritual experiences of my life. It is the story of the first time I saw the devil and it was a warning that there was evil hiding out there trying to undermine my life.

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness by the Devil

My sister Kathy and I happened to be playing in our front yard one day. Near by, a number of older boys were just hanging out on our neighbor’s lawn. Looking back at the event now, I suspect that these boys were bored and wanted to have some playful fun with us by telling us scary stories about the bogeyman, hoping to get a rise out of us.

I did not buy into any of their stories and boldly proclaimed that there was no such thing as a bogeyman. They contended that they in fact, were witnesses to each of the stories they told. When their personal assurances did not sway me, they told even scarier stories than the first ones. After listening to them patiently I continued my defiance by simply restating my assertion that there was no such thing as a bogeyman.

But these boys sensed that I was not as positive in my belief as I let on and they called my bluff. They told me that the bogeyman was hiding between two of the houses near the end of the block. They told me that if I had the courage to walk down the block and take a look for myself, that I would find the bogeyman waiting there for me. I was very scared; after all, I started thinking that perhaps they were right. I resisted their challenge at first, but after they taunted me with words like, chicken and Fraidy cat, and used a few other words I did not understand at the time, I decided that I had to go and look for myself.

Despite being quite frightened, I took the time necessary to develop precautionary tactics. I thought that if there was a bogeyman between the houses that he had to be hiding there so that he could capture me if I got to close. So, I formulated a plan in my head where I would run across the street on a diagonal in order to get a view from a safe distance on the other side of the street. I knew that I had to start immediately so that the bogeyman, if it existed, would not have any warning to prepare for my arrival. So, without any hesitation I bolted out into the street running with my head down as fast as I could.

Much to my surprise, I could hear my sister running right behind me. When I got to the targeted position where I could see between the houses from across the street, I stopped and quickly turned for a look. To my horror there it was, right where the neighbor boys said. It had been hiding between the houses, hunched over to avoid detection as it was taller than the houses. Somehow I knew that it was waiting for unsuspecting kids like my sister and I to come by so that it could pounce and devour them. It was a monster, looking something like the dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex. It just stood there stooped over between the buildings looking at me in obvious in obvious anger and disgust. For some reason it was apparently unwilling to come out from between the houses to get us.

Upon seeing this monster I lost all control and started screaming in horror. I began running back across the street as fast as my legs and flailing my arms in the air. I could hear my sister screaming as well as she followed behind me. Since I ran with reckless abandon, keeping my head down, I was shocked at what I found when we finally returned to our starting point.

The boys who induced us into this adventure were literally lying on their backs and were laughing so hard that they could no longer stand. There they lay, holding their aching stomachs in pain due to the extended laughter.

My first reaction was that they believed their deception had worked. But, I also thought that they did not know what I knew—that there was a devil just down the block and that it was waiting for innocent kids like me. What they had projected in apparent jest, turned out to be the truth. I knew that what I saw was real and this fact would be verified by later life experiences.

Jesus is Tempted on the Mountain

I did not tell this story to anyone for almost fifty years. How could I? People would certainly think that I was nuts. In fact, it never would have been told if it was an isolated event. However, it was definitely not an isolated event, as you will find out in subsequent postings. Rather, it was a warning of the truth that the devil is real and is out to destroy us and the purpose for which God created us. I should have heeded this warning of truth about the existence of the devil. Unfortunately I did not and had to suffer the consequences that will also be described in subsequent postings.

Please do not make the same mistake I did. Be careful of what you believe, and be cautious about the choices that you make because your life hangs in the balance. Do not be careless in disregarding the spiritual messages that you receive, but rather seek for an explanation. Know that God is trying to communicate to you in various forms and that these communications are often unbelievable by our physical world’s norms because they are spiritual truths. Also remember that even Jesus was tempted by the devil so expect that we also will have to make choices that demonstrate our belief in God. We will go deeper into all of this as we progress with our postings.