The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


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In our previous posting we communicated a message that came from a prophet of God (Prophesies-of-Provision). No one was more shocked about the outpouring of God’s word through this man than me. To start with, the man read my private mail in front of everyone in the church. There was no way that he could know about the battles I had at work, the pressure I was under, or the recommendations that were being rejected by the executive team. Not to mention what my wife said to me late at night, or even that I had a study in my home. How could he know about my struggles at work or the breakthroughs that would happen as the projects on my desk were implemented? There was no way that he could have known about me marveling at the speed of my own fingers as I typed responses to emails at work, because I never told this to anyone, not even my wife. This man was delivering a message hot off God’s printing press. There were so many other things that were true as well—like God leading us and planting us at our church and opening a door for us to support its ministry. The prophetic message was very profound. It dawned on me that God was talking to me again. He was with me.


Looking at this prophesy from the vantage point of “possessing the vision” is amazing. It confirmed that God sent us to this church. It indicated that God would deliver favor, bring wisdom, and direction.

It communicated that God would uproot the thorns and the briars. Could these things be needed for anything else? This prophesy also referred to the favor of Joseph and Jacob. This is the earth changing kind of favor necessary to deliver the intentions of God. The kind of favor that God had previously granted throughout biblical history. The favor necessary to save the people of His promise.


All of this started with my surrender to God. Then there was the vision God gave me of the world blooming into a beautiful flower (Surrender-is-Followed-by-a-Glorious-Vision). Then the mystical series of events leading to my job change and relocation to California where this message could be delivered to me (Gods-Plan-Begins-with-Blessings). Wow! But the there were many messages yet to come. You will hear more in my next set of postings.


Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”