The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Books of Moses and the Future of Christianity

Today we are starting a new section that will take a look at the actions of God and His people that led to the building of a place where God could dwell with His people. This place was the Tabernacle that was built to the exact specifications that God the Father delivered to Moses.

Jesus and Moses at the Transfiguration Discuss the Fulfillment of the Tabernacles Prophesy

We initiate this new section because we believe that these actions of God and His people (the ones that were recorded in the books written by Moses), are prophetic of the walk of the Christian nation.

The Ark Brings Down the Walls of Jerico

We believe that these prophetic actions are applicable to every church, ministry and individual seeking to carry on the ministry that was started by Jesus, and we hope to be able to demonstrate this as we move forward.

We believe that this is the case because the premise identified above is simply an extension of the prophesies of the Tabernacle, a topic that we have already covered extensively in this web site ( If this is your first time here, we should say that our previous work revealed that the Tabernacle to be a prophetic model to guides our path toward building closer, more intimate relationships with God. For example, we are initially lead into a relationship of grace in which our sins are forgiven and we change our nature by integrating the words and actions of Jesus into ourselves (the baptism of the word of God – The-tabernacle-courtyard-is-prophetic-of-jesus-a-review). We then are led into a relationship of empowerment where our pathway is illuminated, we achieve a familial relationship with the Father and we are empowered for spiritual warfare by the Holy Spirit through prayer. If we can achieve this level of closeness to God, then He may lead us into an relationship of covenant with Him. There we will talk to God face to face, see His provision at a supernatural level and see our ministry lead His people into the spiritual Promised Land.

Jesus is the Light of the World

With all of this said, it is our hope that the coming investigative work will reveal even more insights into how to further direct our steps toward God. I hope you enjoy the work that is to come.