The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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The Importance of Christian Networking

In our past several postings we have been recommending the creation of computerized system to facilitate Christian ministries across all denominations and geographic locations. In effect, the recommended technology will provide the tools necessary for Christians to more easily work together and to do so more effectively. The recommended system would enable every Christian to be able to register themselves and/or their ministries in the systems database. In doing so they are making information about their ministry available to the Christian community. So in a way, this is like advertising. Other Christians can find your information by entering in basic search criteria. So, for example, someone may be able to find your ministry by searching based on zip code and denominational preference. You may be able to find them in a similar way as well. Of course, these inquiries and information sharing can lead to additional actions which can positively affect both ministries. One major decision would certainly be to follow up with personal contacts and make a decision to work together or partner in some activity that leads to the building of the body of Christ.

Jesus Speaks to the Multitude

Such networking can bring substantial dividends to the workers of Christ. The point is that once a ministry is registered, the following capabilities become available to the Christian community:

Join forces with other ministries with similar missions (like food collection and or distribution.)

● Produce and distribute educational materials for the benefit of the poor and disenfranchised (covered in prior postings)

Unite for the positive influence of governments policies and actions

● Reach ministries in all parts of the world without the need to be physically present

We will present each of these capabilities in greater detail in our following postings.

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