The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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Some Examples of Christian Networking

In our past several postings we have been recommending the creation of a computerized system to facilitate Christian ministries across all denominations and geographical locations. One benefit of such a system is the support it would lend in networking. Our objective with this post is to provide some real life examples of how this networking can be beneficial.

Enabling Christians to network without difficulty is an objective that accomplishes a couple of things. First, it provides an electronic pathway to bring a ministry into contact with a person in need or ministry. On the other hand, the same electronic pathway provides a channel to enable a needy person to find an appropriate ministry for their circumstance. For example, if you are led to collect food and then donate it to the poor, the system we have proposed enables you to find other Christians around the world that need the food you have collected. In addition, this system can also help you find organizations that deliver the food to those who need it. If, on the other hand, you’re a person who needs food, this system will enable you to find a food ministry to help you.

Jesus Multiplies the Loaves and Fish

By extending this overall concept, it is possible to find ministries that can help with marital problems, drug usage, domestic violence, unexpected pregnancy, demonic attack, sickness, imprisonment, old age, loneliness, and so forth. In addition, general help can be found in articles and commentaries about a wide range of subjects and Christian issues. Bulletin boards and networking capabilities will be provided to enable Christians to gain employment opportunities and develop personal relationships.

The proposed system will be a tool that can help Christians to become what God intended them to be and to identify and realize God’s purpose for created them. This tool will provide the opportunity to become a more active member of the body of Christ. This system is planned to be a platform for Christians in ministry to tell their story, announce their ministry, and communicate the services they provide. It therefore brings the body of Christ together for God’s purpose.

In addition, networking enables similar ministries in the same general location to work together, resulting in increased effectiveness and economies of scale. For example, such a system can help bring additional participants to local Bible studies, prayer meetings, community parties, ministries, and support groups. It can enable Christians to present their needs to a larger Christian community than is otherwise available. Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say that you are interested in starting a Bible study in your neighborhood, but your home church is quite a distance away, and therefore no members who live near you. With this system, you can send announcements to other Christians in your neighborhood. The same approach could be taken for prayer meetings, community parties, support groups, and many other ministries as well. The bottom line is that this type of system can make it easier for every Christian to organize ministries and to find the help and support they need. Since the body of Christ already has everything it needs, it therefore us just a matter of bringing the many members of the body together for this purpose.

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