The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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Review of Prior Postings

In prior postings I have communicated how a life threatening illness sent me to the emergency room near death. My spirit left my body and I experienced the truth of our spiritual reality, of heaven and hell, and the Judgment God.  If you would like to read the details of these postings, please use the following hyperlinks:












The Last Judgment by Rogier Van Der Weyden

The Last Judgment by Rogier Van Der Weyden

I lived through the Judgment as I made a promise to God to change. I returned to the physical world and underwent several calamities that also brought me close to death. What I did not know was that I was under spiritual attack, an innocent victim of spiritual warfare.

If you would like to read the details of these postings, simply click on the following hyperlinks:












In the past few postings I have reveled how much my life has changed since these experiences. It all started when I surrendered to God (I-Finally-Surrender-to-God) and told Him that I would do what ever He wanted me to do. Immediately afterward I have this awe inspiring vision of Jesus filling the earth (Surrender-is-Followed-by-a-Glorious-Vision). The next thing that I knew was that all of my worries about my job were resolved in a miraculous way. Finally, God leads me to the exact place He wants me to go by moving me half way across the country (Gods-Plans-Begin-with-Blessings). All of this leads to an official surrender to God in the church that He led me to.


We started attending this church on a regular basis immediately after this first visit. The pastor would deliver an altar call every Sunday so that everyone would have a chance to give their life to Jesus. Each week, people came to the altar to accept Jesus. For me it was only a few weeks before I was one of many who stepped forward and gave my life to Christ. On the day of my rebirth, I would say that the pastor was flowing in the spirit. He had one hand raised high above his head as he came to me. His eyes were blazing, and he stared directly at me as he shouted praises to God in a very loud voice. I remember thinking to myself—there are twenty people up here—why is he staring at me? Much later he told me that he had sensed a major shift in heaven at the time. Perhaps this referred to the spiritual victory that was achieved by the Lord snatching me right out of the hands of Satan. But the pastor did not know what I had been through because I never told him. Surely God had been communicating with him that day.


The devil kept striking me but I finally surrendered to God. I said that I would do whatever He wanted and He immediately showed me the vision of an earth filled with Jesus blooming into a beautiful ever blooming flower. Then He moved me to a place where I could learn more about the dream and He blessed me all along the way. He drew me to the exact church and ministry where the vision could be found. In return I publicly surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and a major victory was won in the heavenly realm. From this point forward there would begin a steady flow of messages designated to instill in me an understanding of the vision God wanted me to possess. I did not understand much of this yet, and a lot would come later with the writing of my book entitled, “Possess the Vision.” In the next series of postings we will introduce the vision statement and how my spiritual experience and scriptures help to form its foundation.

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”