The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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The Vision Statement of the Bride of Christ

Over the past several weeks we have presented a number of postings relating to the bride of Christ. All of this was predicated on a spiritual experience I had in a prayer group meeting, where I became a part of the spiritual bride of Christ. I presented this experience in this posting: The-Spiritual-Realm-of-the-Bride-of-Christ

 Subsequent investigation and research added clarification to my experience at the prayer group meeting. We have identified that the bride of Christ is comprised of the righteous of the Lord, that even though she is comprised of many, yet she is untied as one: Who-is-the-Bride-of-Christ

We learned that the bride brings division to the world by challenging the world with the truth and light of Jesus Christ. The bride brings compassion for the poor and disadvantaged and justice to all. She is found busy doing the work of her Savior. She is the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven: The-Bride-of-Christ-Brings-Division

 We then found the bride of Christ sets the world on fire with the truth that is ignited with the light of Christ. We sited Martin Luther King as an example of someone who revealed the truth about the status quo of discrimination and segregation policies. In doing so Martin set the world on fire over issues of justice, liberty, freedom and truth of God. The-Bride-of-Christ-Sets-the-World-on-Fire

We also found that the bride of Christ is prepared as her lamps are burning and her vessels are full. She therefore is prepared for the return of the Lord for the wedding feast: The-Bride-of-Christ-is-Prepared

We identified that the bride is to take on the ministry of Jesus and therefore is to become like Him: The-Bride-of-Christ-Becomes-Just-Like-Jesus

Then we presented the truth that the bride of Christ is to do even greater works than Jesus did: The-Bride-of-Christ-does-Greater-Works-than-Jesus

Based on these observations we have constructed a vision statement that we believe is applicable to all Christian ministries. For any of you unfamiliar with vision statements, they are designed to present the big picture view of what the end state will look like when God’s purpose is accomplished. In effect, a vision statement answers the question, what will be achieved. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the vision statement for the bride of Christ:

The bride is prepared for the marriage feast when Jesus victoriously returns. Her ministry is the ministry of Jesus and she does even greater works that He did. Her light and truth bring division on the earth and she sets the earth on fire in her quest for compassion for the poor and disenfranchised. She fights for freedom, liberty, justice, and the knowledge of God. 

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”