Possess the Vision

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Updated 6/17/2020

I have decided to publish the most significant sections of my book entitled; “Possess the Vision,” here on my web site. They contain the stories of how God both, protected me and guided me on to a course toward realizing His vision.

I will present these experiences in chronological order to enable a strong understanding of God’s guidance and protection throughout my lifetime. Some of these experiences seem innocent, and yet they convey a vital spiritual message. Others are outrageous in that they defy scientific explanation, things like out-of-body experiences, walking in the spiritual realm, divine interventions and of course, heavenly visions of what God wants for our future. 

These experiences will also include what would be considered coincidental, things like moving halfway across the country only to find out that it was the place He wanted us to be, a place where we could see how the Holy Spirit worked through His people. It was there I received the call to possess the vision.

When I started writing down my experiences, I intended to document what I believed was fascinating and profound. In the process of writing them down, however, I saw that I was being guided and protected for some reason. So, I started to examine several other life experiences that I had but was unable to explain. What they showed me was that God had been working in my life from the very beginning. The fact that God was at the heart of all them was a shock to me; it was something I had never before considered. 

As I lived these experiences, I often asked myself one question: why were these things happening to me? Of all people in the world, why me? I discovered the answer as I was documenting them. My revelation was that God was protecting me because He created me for a purpose. God created me to Possess the Vision.

I hope that in reading my story that you will join me in Possessing the Vision.