The Meaning of Life

The simple truth is that we are all spiritual beings that inhabit physical bodies. These bodies enable our journey through this world but they will eventually die, while our spirits will live on forever.

Jesus is the Light of the World

Most religions believe in life after death. This being the case then the questions has to be, “Why the fist life?” If there is to be a second life that is dependent on a first life, then what is the first life to have accomplished and what are the consequences of not achieving them?

Many people do not understand why they are here. Some never think about it all that much. In some circles the meaning of life is an unobtainable joke.  The consequence of these conditions is a belief that this world is the only reality.  Therefore their focus is on the world and making their way in it by focusing on themselves. They believe that it is up to them to make something of themselves, to make a living and to find a way to provide for their well being and safety. Often this comes at the expense of others. They are blind to the spiritual side of their lives, the reason that God created them, and their true purpose in this life. They are unaware of a common purpose we all share in being here in this world in the first place.

In this respect that the lives of so many are often like the well arranged deck chairs on the Titanic. Everything looks fine but they are destined for disaster.

God gave us all the freedom of choice. Interestingly, this freedom of choice is a necessary component of love. As a result, God had to give us choice in order to establish a love relationship with us. This has always been the case as we find that even in the Garden of Eden we had the choice to leave our relationship with God.

The Garden Of Eden

Unfortunately, man chose to know evil and the consequence of this choice was that he had to leave the Garden where he dwelt with God. But God still loved us and wanted to restore the relationship that had been lost. So He sent Jesus His son to the world as a man to defeat evil and give us all the chance to recover what had been lost. Jesus gave His life as full payment for our sins and in doing so He broke the domination of sin and the devil. This gave us another chance to choose to enter into a love relationship with the Father.

Jesus on the Cross

Because of the acts of Jesus our days are filled with the choices between good and evil, and these choices will determine our spiritual destiny. This is very similar to what happened in the Garden. Either we will spend the rest of eternity in heaven with God, or in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone with Satan (you may want to refer to my book: “Possess-the-Vision – Inside the Pit of Fire and Brimstone” to get my own personal experience on this subject). The bottom line is that we are here to be tested; it is as simple as that.

Some of our testing may be over large and significant circumstances, while at other times seemingly trivial matters will test us. In either case we will have to choose between good or evil. For example, we can choose to help a person in need or we can focus on our own life and look the other way. We can speak encouragement to the down heartened or we can kill their dreams with our words. We can choose to save the life of someone who is in trouble or we can choose to play it safe and let them die.

The bottom line is that it is all about our love for others and how we demonstrate that love. We have explored the subject of Christian love in a number of our previous postings. An understanding of this subject is foundational to everything that we post, including our current series on the “Meaning of Life.” You can view these postings by simply clicking on the following links:















Our next posting will start an analysis of the Holy Scriptures relating to the Garden of Eden and the meaning of life. Hope to see you then.