The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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The Divided Christian Heart

Our divisions as a Christian nation are not simply the differences between denominations (as addressed in our past few postings). We have become ineffective because we have failed to love as Jesus taught us. In many cases our hearts have grown hard to the cries of the poor and defenseless. This certainly is the case in regard to the issues of abortion, which is dividing Christians all across this country away from the love of God. 

Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem


Unfortunately, many Christian women stand with their atheist sisters on abortion and even speak against their church regarding its antiabortion policies. Others follow the lead of their political party, claiming that women should have the right to choose. In both cases these people not only stand in defiance of their own church but to their God as well. God’s commandment not to kill is not just a Christian commandment but one that is observed by Jews and Muslims as well. This commandment therefore is acknowledged by eighty percent of the world’s people. 


Moses and the Ten Comandments


The aborting laws in this country legalize the murder of the most innocent of God’s creatures, the unborn child. Therefore, the United States government stands against the law of God on this issue. This is a sin against our nation! When one looks at the writings in the bible they find that time and again God defends the poor and the disenfranchised and brings down those that oppress them. So I would say to America, change your policies or suffer the consequences. 




The Walls of Jerico fall Befor the Ark


On a personal basis, I believe that a similar warning is appropriate to everyone who actively supports abortion. The vast majority of scientists agree that the fetus is in fact a living person. God fearing people can not stand silent on this issue because it would be contrary to having the love and compassion of Jesus in our heart.  


Do we as Christians actually put more faith in the freedoms espoused by the women’s movement, our political parties, or event the laws of our nation than we do the commandments of God? Did Jesus send us on a mission to save lives or to kill the poor and defenseless? Can anything be poorer or more defenseless than that of the unborn child? The Christian love is to be a love for others, not a focus on self. 

Let the Children Come to Me

Let the Children Come to Me


As a Godly person how can even debate abortion? Oh, there are lots of excuses used to cover up the ugliness of the deeds committed, but quite frankly they are all a sham. One excuse often used is that a child is not alive until it passes through its mother’s womb. How convenient to view things this way despite all the scientific evidence that shows the baby to be alive in the womb. One interesting point is that even the word “abortion”, proclaims the deed to be the killing of the child. The word “abortion” means to end it, or stop. So when the life of a child is aborted it is also ended. The deliberate termination of a life is murder. Abortion also terminates that child’s God given mission and such acts are the work of the devil. These are the activities that we as Christians must fight to prevent, not support. 

How then can this condition endure when 75% of the nation is supposedly Christian? Is it because we are a house divided? If this is the case may God have mercy upon all of us because Jesus said that a house divided can not stand. I say then that all of us who have the fear of God and who have Christian love in their hearts: unite not on the basis of your denomination but on the principals that come from God’s love. Work together across all organizational boundaries toward a policy of life. Work with your brothers to illuminate the truth of this issue wherever you go. Unite with your true brothers in the Lord to tear down the sacred pillars of this evil establishment. Take a stand for what is right in the eyes of God. Remember that the existing policy is a sin against our entire nation.  

Please do what you can and may God bless you for your active contribution.

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