Christianity and the Politics of Abortion

In our previous posting we discussed the issues surrounding the divisions in the Christian faith. Today we discuss the issues of Abortion as being just one of the implications for this division.

There are many Americans who claim that are a Christian nation, built by Christians using Christian principles. While this may be true I believe that we are in danger of loosing it. Our American pledge states that we are one nation under God, but my concern is that the ungodly have been taking control of our nation. Polls tell us that a vast majority of Americans believe in God but it is becoming apparent that Christianity is becoming impotent in leading the moral direction of our nation.


Don’t believe it? How is it then that we have laws that permit, and even in some cases, encourage abortion?  Surely this practice must be the most serious of all offences in the eyes of God. Let’s identify this abomination for what it really is: the legalized murder of innocent children at the request of their parents. This is a practice in which the most defenseless of God’s creatures are murdered at the hands of those primarily responsible for their protection. I am sure that God is extremely displeased by this!


Let the Children Come to Me

Let the Children Come to Me



How can such laws exist if we live in a democratic nation that has a vast Christian majority? Is it because that we are to preoccupied attacking the doctrine of the other denominations (a practice that Paul characterized as a waste of time) that we can not work together? Is it because we are to fat and happy to bothered with these issues? Is it because we as Christians have lost control of our government to those with money and influence? Or is it because there are Christians out there that actively support abortion despite the teachings of Bible? I suspect that all of the above is true to some extent.

Christians, wake up to the decay that is all around you. Take actions to unite with others to change this despicable situation. In my opinion the killing of millions of innocents is a sin that is upon our nation. After all our nation have approved and encourages such actions, and we the people have the right and the ability to change things. Therefore we are all accountable.


If our system of government is broken then we as Christians must fix it. If the old guard can’t get it done then they must be replaced by people who can and will.


After all, is this not what Jesus did? Jesus turned over the tables of the money changes and chased them with whip made of cords. He confronted the mistaken beliefs of the Scribes and Pharisees with a doctrine of truth that came from the Father. These things He did while demonstrating His love for poor and afflicted. He healed the sick and enabled the blind to see. He raised the dead.


Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave

Jesus "The Life," Raises Lazarus from the Grave

He feed the hungry and spread the Gospel of God’s love. In the end He gave everything for our welfare, and then left us to carry out the mission that He started. Jesus was a radical activist and so should we be.