When will the Anointing Come for Service in Ministry?

I had a question that asked when the anointing would come in support of ministry. As I though this answer may have a general interest I provide it here for everyone.

The anointing comes in support of our service in doing God’s will. This web site does a couple of things that will help you in finding the answers to your questions.

First it helps us to better understand Jesus by looking at Tabernacle, which is prophetic of Him in every way.

The Tabernacle Courtyard

The Tabernacle Courtyard

Secondly, it helps us to understand our walk with God by closely looking at the Tabernacle and the life of Jesus. What we find there is that the Tabernacle is divided into three compartments and they are called the Tabernacle Courtyard, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

The Chanbers of the Tabernacle

The Chanbers of the Tabernacle

Each chamber resents a type of relationship that we can have with God and since these chambers can be entered in only one sequence our relationship with God therefore must grow progressively as we seek to become more like our savior Jesus.

This first compartment (the Courtyard) is where a relationship of “grace” is achieved. It is here that a lamb was sacrificed and burned on a brazen altar for the forgiveness of the sins of the people.

The Tabernacle Courtyard

The Lamb Brought to the Tabernacle Courtyard

Jesus of course was the perfect Lamb who gave His life for the forgiveness of our sins. In addition, the Courtyard is a place of preparation of the priest who desire a more intimate ministry with God. This preparation was manifest at the Brazen Laver where the priests would purify themselves prior entering into ministry in the Holy Place.

Since the Laver surface had a mirror like quality the priest could see his reflection as he washed in the Laver. As they washed they believed that they saw themselves as God saw them. As a result their hidden faults were uncovered and they earnestly contemplated their worthiness to enter into a closer relationship with God in the Holy Place. This reflection resulted n a change of heart, which is necessary to enter into the service of almighty God in the Holy Place.

Priest in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle

Priest in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle

Our posting prove that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Tabernacles prophesy and that He is the Tabernacle Courtyard, the Brazen Altar, the Lamb and the Brazen Laver. He is our Brazen Laver in that by looking intently at His life, His words and His actions we can see ourselves as God sees us. By finding scripture that identifies these things and asking the Holy Spirit for help we can see how our actions, words and lives stack up to His. This could give us much to contemplate prior to launching out into a ministry.

I mention all of this because the Holy Place is where our pathway is enlightened, our relationship with the Father is matured and we become empowered for spiritual warfare, which is the anointing for God’s service.

I believe that reviewing the following links can explain all of this in more detail:

















Yes, I will pray for you. Please keep me posted on your progress and otherwise let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

May God bless you in all ways to spread the word of His Son to all of India.

Papa Joe Gordon