Jesus Is The Spiritual Foundation Of The New Covenant

In our previous postings we have presented the background on the covenant promises of God and how Moses prepared the people to enter into the Promised Land in response to them. We have introduced these subjects to help you understand the significance of the items placed inside the Ark of the Covenant and in particular, the Pot of Manna. Its significance is that it symbolized the nation’s total dependence on God. This dependence was necessary to enable them to eliminate their sin, to know only good and to eliminate the knowledge of evil. Achieving these things enabled them to once again receive the promises of God.

In essence, God provided for them even when they did not deserve it. Through the intercession of Moses, God gave the nation another chance to enter into His promise as He purged them of their sin by allowing those who refused entry to die in the desert. The result was that those that were born during the thirty eight year journey through the wilderness learned to rely on God exclusively because they knew of noting else. They knew no evil.

We will be looking at the Most Holy Place, the Ark of the Covenant, the Pot of Manna and the other artifacts located inside the Ark as being prophetic of the coming Christ. One thing that we will determine is that all the items of the Tabernacle and the covenant were physical in nature. For example, the law dealt with how the people acted in this world. The people had to physically displace the immoral people that occupied the Promised Land. The promises given were for the land, rain, favor and peace from their enemies. The reward was that God would dwell with them in the land and that His presence inside the physical Tabernacle could be entered once a year by the high priest, who could make petitions for the people.

As we will soon find out, all of these physical things are prophetic of the spiritual promises that we have in the new covenant of Jesus Christ. For example, the new law has more to do with the changing of our hearts rather than simply following misunderstood rules. Our duty is to enter into spiritual warfare rather than physical warfare in defeating and eliminating the forces of evil from our spiritual Promised Land. Our promise is to live in the spirit forever, becoming one with Jesus, where there is no pain, sickness, hunger, death, crying or strife.

In our next posting we will take a spiritual look at each of these components of the new covenant.