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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Tabernacle Courtyard And Jesus

To get a good foundational understanding of the Tabernacle Courtyard go to the following posting: The-Tabernacle-Is-Prophetic-Of-Jesus. Reading this post will help you to better understand the material presented here. So, with that said, lets present the Tabernacle Courtyard.


As we pass through the Tabernacle door called “the Way,” we enter the Courtyard. It is in the Courtyard where we enter into God’s gift of grace which is manifest in the forgiveness of sins. God’s grace in turn, leads us to seek to become more like Him, which in turn prepares us to enter into His ministry. Therefore, the Courtyard is a place of preparation for entry into a closer relationship with God.

When correlating the objects found in the Tabernacle Courtyard to the actions and words of Jesus, we discover Jesus to be a far superior replacement for the old covenant Courtyard. For example, Jesus gave up His body on the cross for our grace and the forgiveness of our sins.


In addition, He gave us the example of His life as the model of the perfection we use so that we can see ourselves for what we are, and seek His Holy Spirit to help to prepare for entry into His ministry.

Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

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