The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


One evening we were visited by an evangelist who preached a message at our Wednesday night church service. He had come to give us the message that everything we need already exists in the body of Christ. All we have to do is find a way to communicate our needs to the body so that those who have a surplus can give freely from their hearts to those who are in need. Surely this must be an integrated part of the vision.


The service was one of the most unusual that I have ever attended because so many people received the things that they needed in their lives during the service. This very bizarre set of circumstances started at a point in the service when the pastor picked a man out of the audience and asked him if he had a need. The man responded that he needed a car to enable him to get to work. While we all pondered this seemingly challenging task, another man in the congregation stood and proclaimed that he had a car that he no longer needed, that it was in good running condition, and he was willing to give it to the man who needed it. Everyone was amazed, and the congregation buzzed, and then applauded God for being so good.


The pastor then asked another man what he needed and again, someone else in the church was in a position to provide that need, and it went on and on. I am sure that at least twenty consecutive people had their needs met in this way. Cars were donated, rents were paid, medical services were given, airline tickets were provided, dental work was arranged, and so it went for the entire service. The service was a great success and very upbeat from everyone’s point of view.


I remember thinking to myself, so this is how God works.