The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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The Spiritual Attacks Continue


In a series of prior postings I have communicated how a life threatening illness sent me to the emergency room where the doctors did not expect me to live through the night. Being close to death, my spirit left my body and I experienced the truth of our spiritual reality. I traveled to and swam in the Lake of Fire (also called the second death) where I experienced unimaginable horrors. I then went into Hell where I was confronted by Satan and experienced the incredible hatred that he has for me. Next I traveled to the Judgment Seat of Christ and heard the words from God that no one wants to hear, which were, “Why should you live?”

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The Last Judgment by Michelangelo

But I made a promise to God that I would be better if He would work with me. The next thing that I knew was that I woke up in the intensive care center. I had lived through the night but what was about to become clear was that the battle for my life was not over. My problem was an exploding pancreas was filling my body with powerful digestive enzymes capable of decomposing the internal organs of my body. So in effect, my body was disintegrating from the inside out. To slow down enzyme production I was placed on a strict fast until such time as a more definitive direction could be made. Then suddenly my vocal cords became swollen and choked off my air supply and an emergency operation was performed that saved my life. Another operation was performed to insure that I had proper levels of nutrition entering my body. Then my doctors wanted to perform an unnecessary operation but I refused after getting a second opinion. I still did not realize that I was under a spiritual attack and as a result the attacks continued. The remaining portion of this posting will address a series of these attacks that had my doctor’s baffled.


Going Home

As the second opinion predicted, I started to feel much better and was getting stronger. However, I was still having some problems with food digestion and as a result, had to stay on aortal IV feedings. I no longer had to nap several times a day my weight was holding steady and with more time on my hands, I walked the halls of the hospital out of boredom.

My family doctors thought that now I was out of serious trouble and since the IVs could be administered at home, I could be released and placed me on home care.

The home care package provided everything that I had previously been getting at the hospital. A refrigerator was delivered to my house to keep the IV solutions fresh. The solutions were delivered weekly, and a delivery schedule was established to ensure that I did not run out of supplies. They sent a person to instruct me how to do all of the IV set up work; I became responsible for doing all of my own IV setups. This meant I had to ensure that the IV was hooked to my catheter properly each day at the appropriate times. In addition, the home care plan required frequent checkups at my family doctor’s office to ensure that things were progressing normally.

The Spiritual Attacks Come Suddenly

For the first couple of weeks, things went well. Then one day for no apparent reason, I suffered what I would describe as a severe cold chill with uncontrollable shivers. During this episode my body shivered and convulsed for approximately ten minutes. The coldness I felt could not be remedied with blankets, and I became so cold that even my lips turned blue. Then, suddenly these chills ran their course and stopped just as suddenly as they had started.

I went directly to the hospital where they performed a series of tests. I talked to the doctors directly, and they were baffled. I was concerned, and so I made sure that the doctors knew the history of my illness and the home care IVs that I was currently receiving.

They told me that it was probably nothing, and I should not worry about it. I remember thinking as I left the hospital that perhaps there was something wrong with my home care process. After all, what else could it be? But they were paid top dollars to find problems with people. After all, they are doctors. They surely would have been able to figure this out. They are professionals. They know what they are doing, right?

About a week to ten days later, just when I started to think that the doctors were right, the chills hit me again, only much worse this time. I am not sure how long they lasted but when they stopped I was exhausted. This was a very serious setback in my way of thinking.

After the episode settled down, I mustered up the strength to go to the hospital again. A more exhaustive set of tests was performed but the results were the same. They found nothing wrong and sent me home. Yes, again I made sure that they knew all of the circumstances of my illness and my current home care treatment. Apparently, they could not put the pieces together. They indicated that if they could see me when I was having an episode, they might be able to identify the cause of these mysterious shivers and convulsions.

After another week I went to my family doctor for my biweekly check up. It was there that the third episode occurred. It started while I was seated on the table and the doctor was examining me. I started shivering, and the nurses covered me with blankets but with no effect. I looked in the office mirror and could see my lips turning blue. This time the convulsions were much more violent, and my fingers and toes went numb as well. The muscles of my body were cramping and becoming fatigued. In the midst of all of this thrashing, my doctor decided to check my heart beat with his stethoscope. As he listened, I could feel the abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat in my chest, and I knew that he was hearing it also. I looked at his face and saw it turn white as he listened to my arrhythmia. I looked into his wide-open eyes and saw pure fear in them. I knew that he thought I could die in his office. I thought that his reaction was an indication of the seriousness of the situation. I knew that I was sick enough to die. But I again refused to let negative thoughts into my mind regardless of my circumstances. Just like before, I knew that I would be fine.

My body started shaking even more violently. One nurse covered me with her body to provide additional warmth. Then the ambulance arrived, and I was wheeled out through the patient waiting room. I got to see, first hand, the horror and disgust on the faces of the people as I was wheeled past them. I guess they also thought I was a goner! Just as in the other two episodes, the violent shaking suddenly stopped in the ambulance. This time they must have come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with my catheter. It was removed as a precautionary measure. Later, tests confirmed their suspicions. A strand of staph infection was growing on the end of the catheter tube.

According to the doctor, the growth caused a chain of infectious materials that lengthened as time passed. Once it reached a critical length, the strand would break off and be released instantaneously into my heart. This is what caused the violent reactions.

I did not know it at the time but I was in spiritual warfare, and the enemy continued to pound me because I did not seek the protection of God. One purpose to these communications is to inform the reader about the reality of such warfare and attacks. If you feel that you have been a victim seek God’s help immediately.


Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”