The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

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In my previous series of postings I presented a number of my spiritual experiences that revealed the nature of this world and the spiritual realm that is foreign to so many. The following hyperlinks will guide you to these prior postings:












These experiences represent the big picture reality for everyone on the planet. They present the reward that awaits the wicked. They communicate the reality of the devil, hell and the pit of fire which is the second death. They also speak about the devil’s evil desire for everyone in the world, a desire for our failure, bondage, torture and pain forever. Unfortunately, many in the world do not know this truth and many, who have had insight into these realities, simply do not believe them. Unfortunately for them, the devil continues to wage his spiritual warfare against all true followers of Jesus, weather they know the truth or not.

The ministry of Jesus Christ is a ministry of spiritual warfare. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and to save everyone from the terrible consequences described in these prior postings. Jesus came so that all who believe in Him would have eternal life in heaven with Him.

He accomplished this by teaching us to love one another as He loved us, and then He demonstrated that love when He healed the sick, cast out demons, fed the hungry, told us about the Father, died on the cross for our sins,

Disciples Carry Jesus Down From The Cross

rose from the dead, defeated all evil, and ascended into heaven where He is our advocate with the Father. This is the heart of the vision—that we become like Jesus and do the things that He did. We are to be imitators of Him and therefore, we are to enter a life of spiritual warfare and victory over evil.

I certainly did not understand these things at the time that I had these experiences. I know them to be true now because I became a student of the Bible and found that its passages validated the spiritual realities of my experiences. Our postings from this point forward will review these spiritual experiences in the light of the scriptures, so that you may also come to the understanding that the bible confirms these experiences and realities to be true.

So, until next time, may all of God’s blessings be upon you and your family.

Papa Joe Gordon.

Read my story by ordering my book, “Possess the Vision”