Twilight Zone Realities

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

In a previous posting (Possess-the-Vision) I communicated that I was going to present a number of spiritual experiences of my life that led to the creation of the Possess the Vision Mission Statement (PTV Mission-Statement.) This is one of them.

When I entered high school I started lifting weights with my friend Kenny. He had a really good set of weights in his basement and I worked out three to four afternoons a week at his house to get into shape.

We liked to talk about things that can not be explained by our physical science. Things like ESP for example. In particular, we loved to talk about the unexplained things that we watched on the television program called, “The Twilight Zone.” We marveled that these incredible stories were touted as renditions of real life experiences. We were fascinated with ESP and wondered how in the heck someone could know of things that were to come in the future.

One day after our workout we thought that it would be great fun to test our own ESP abilities. Our plan was to test our skills by predicting cards that were pulled from a deck of cards at random. So we tested ourselves and determined that I was quite good at predicting the cards that Kenny pulled from the deck. We kept statistics on the number of correct and incorrect answers and the results were that I had a significantly higher prediction rate (about 50%) than could be explained by simple probability rates (about 4%).

So not being satisfied with this, thinking that perhaps this was just some form of luck, we decided to make our tests more difficult. We were using a Pinochle deck, which contains twenty four unique cards in a deck of forty-eight. This meant that each card in the deck had a twin. So for example, there are identical Kings of Clubs and so on.

So, the plan was that Kenny would cut the deck of cards and keep the entire set that he cut in front of him on the table. I would then also cut the deck from the remaining cards, trying to cut the only card that would match the card at the bottom of Kenny’s set. Remarkably, on the very first try we both cut the exact same card. To say the least, this was a very exciting experience. I felt that we had demonstrated a strong connection here.

We did the same thing three more times and wound up cutting matching cards two of the three times. This was remarkable. I remember my heart beating inside my chest as we continued to cut matching cards. I could also see that my friend was getting a little spooked as well. Our success was actually starting to scare us. It was then that my friend proclaimed that we would do the same thing once again, except this time we would call out the card that we would both cut in advance. I said, “Okay, let’s cut the Queen of Spades.” He cut the cards first and kept them face down on the table directly in front of him. Then I cut from the remaining cards and did likewise. Subsequently, we both turned over our cards at the same time. They were both the Queen of Spades. I remember getting an energy spike in my heart that started my chest pounding. My friend was so spooked by what happened that he got up from the table. He was very keyed up, and he proclaimed that he would never again fool around with ESP. He walked toward the entrance to the living room holding his chest, then turned and called me a freak. He turned again and entered the living room. Dismayed, I took that as an invitation to leave, and I did.

I did not see Kenny much after that. I would come to his house to work out at our regular times but he would not be there. The fact was that Kenney did not want to be my friend anymore. I guess that it is one thing to be fascinated by the thought of ESP experiences and quite another to actually experience them.

Of course, all of this leads us back to the question: “How is all of this Possible?” Based upon my own experiences, I believe that there is a spiritual realm that we can tap into because we are in fact all spiritual creatures encapsulated in physical bodies. When we tap into the spiritual realm we can often see the future because there is no time there.

I believe in God and believe that God has certainly communicated too many people in an effort to deliver His message to the rest of us. Certainly, many of these messages were delivered in the spiritual realm. How else can you explain Jean Dixons warnings to JFK prior to the assassination?  Or even my own JFK experience that I conveyed in “The-Day-Everything-Changed,” posting? These occurrences are not all that rare, although most people decline to talk about them much because of the backlash. The messages come from the spiritual realm in which God exists. They come to help us by warning us of danger or redirecting our path (see Premonition-of-an-Automobile-Accident and My-Encounter-with-a-Brick-Wall.)

So why does it work for seemingly trivial things like predicting a card to be cut from a deck? I’m not sure. One thing I do know is that just like many of my other experiences my path was changed that day. I lost a friend and my life was changed as a result. Was this for my protection? I can’t say. My message to you is to pay attention to the messages that come your way. Seek them out. Pray to be enlightened in the things of God.

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