The Day Everything Changed

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Something really extraordinary happened to me just after I graduated from high school. At the time, I was still living at home and was delivering pizzas at night for a living. I did not have a car, so I walked to work every afternoon and then walked back in the early morning hours. While walking home one November night I felt a immense emptiness inside. It is difficult to explain, but it was a guilty feeling down in my gut. I had experienced these feelings before but only when I did something dreadfully wrong to someone. That was not the case here. It felt like I had a large emptiness inside of me, one larger than I had ever felt before. I had a sense that an enormous injustice had been done.

I arrived home exhausted that night and went straight upstairs to bed. It all started as I was dozing off to sleep when, I awoke with an impression that my legs were floating off the bed. I was startled by this awareness and so I sat up in bed and then touched my legs to ensure that, yes, they were still there. I rationalized that I must have been dreaming and decided to ignore it and go back to sleep. So I bedded down a second time, very intent on getting some desperately needed sleep.

I dozed off again, only to be woken by the consciousness that my entire body was floating above my bed. I sat up immediately only to find myself in bed as I should have been. I thought this is crazy; there must be some rational explanation to all of this. Let’s see, I’m extremely tired, and probably coming down with a cold or flu. So once again, I decided to ignore these weird sensations and get some badly needed sleep.

I made a third attempt, but this time when the floating sensation started up, I just ignored it, hoping that it would go away. But, it did not go away. My body floated up off my bed and then passed through the roof of the house as well. My ascent continued rapidly into the sky and passed through a cloud layer. Eventually, I stopped traveling straight up and started moving in a direction parallel to the earth. I continued on this course for quite some time. As I traveled through the night sky, I felt the air getting warmer. This meant to me that I must have been traveling south.

Then I started descending, and I saw a city full of lights ahead of me. I continued my gradual descent until I arrived at the side of a tall brick building. It had no windows that I could see from my perspective. In addition, I saw streetlights arrayed in a straight line in front of the building and parallel to the curb. Each streetlight was made of metal and curled over at the top. They were similar in shape to a candy cane.

Next, I saw a woman standing beneath one of the street lights. Her head was down, and she was sobbing uncontrollably. As I hovered above her I watched her and I felt a great compassion for this grieving person. I started to wonder what why she was crying and if I might be able to help her in some way. I also wondered if she would hear me if I spoke. Then for some reason, I wondered if I had the ability to speak. I finally decided that I had nothing to lose and gave it a try but nothing came out. It was as if there was not enough air. I contemplated abandoning my effort to speak but decided instead to try in a louder voice. I said to her, “What is wrong lady?” and watched. She did not respond but kept sobbing as though she did not hear me. Then, I thought perhaps I was right; she will not be able to hear me. I tried again anyway, this time speaking in an even louder voice, “Why are you crying?”

To my surprise she answered without looking up, “Why, don’t you know? Don’t you know that today they killed the president?” At that instant, I was transported back to my bed. I was sitting straight up and was thoroughly soaked in sweat. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it might explode. I was breathing like I had just run a four-minute mile. I looked around my room only to find that I was alone in the dark. I sat there for several minutes waiting for my body to wind back down to normal.

I did not know what to think about this encounter. The thought of the president being killed seemed to me a very improbable thing. I admired President Kennedy, and I believed that he was doing good things for our country. So, I guess that this was something that I did not want to accept. Once again, I rationalized that although this out of body experience seemed very realistic it, nevertheless, must have been a bad dream and so, I went back to sleep.

When I got up the next morning, I still felt weird. I found myself at home alone. Dad was more than likely working, and mom was probably out shopping. I went to the kitchen for some food and eventually, I started my walk to work. But I felt displaced, like I was somewhere I was not supposed to be. Things just did not seem normal. For one thing, it was an overcast and gloomy day. In addition, the typically busy street I walked along had very little traffic. Where were all of the cars and people? Additionally, there were no sounds along the way; no birds chirping, no horns sounding, no wind blowing. There was nothing. I wondered if everything had died. Then I experienced that empty, hollow feeling inside of me again.

When I arrived at the pizza place I entered through the back door that led to the kitchen. The owner was there watching television as I entered the room. He seemed extremely angry as he shouted at me, “Do you know what those crazy people did today?” I thought to myself, oh no! It dawned on me that I certainly did know. Being horror stricken, I muttered, “They killed the president.” His mood turned quizzical and He asked me how I could have known this as it had just been announced on television. I just shook my head and did not answer him. I was sure that I could not adequately explain how I knew.

I do not know why or how this happened to me. Was there something that I could have done to change things? I don’t think so. Perhaps just telling the story is sufficient. Or, perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. After all, the woman under the street light said, “They killed the president.”

To this day I believe that the American people have been deceived by our government about many things that went on during this time.

This incident was different that the others I communicated in this blog in that the others seemed to be a warning to me of impending danger and in this case the danger would seem to be better directed toward JFK. But perhaps there was a message there for all of us. Perhaps this experience is another warning of an attack of the forces of evil in our government. Perhaps the assignation of JFK was just the first of many actions to take control of our government.

One thing is for sure is dramatic changes to our national direction transpired in a very short time after JFK was gone. The Viet Nam war was initiated based on a false report of our ships being attacked by the North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin. Our country was thrust into war almost immediately and Fifty Six thousand of my generation died.

JFK’s orders to break up the CIA were revoked and since that time the CIA has grown in strength, assassinating government leaders and causing trouble almost everywhere. Arming people and providing them training in warfare, they have successfully created enemies of the United States on several occasions. Ever hear of the Viet Cong or Al Qeada? Yep, the CIA created both organizations. The CIA is an organization that has to create tensions; otherwise they go out of business.

The Federal Reserve banks won back the ability to pint money out of thin air and loan it to our government. This was different from the Kennedy policy, which was to print money as treasury notes back by silver, rather than by the Federal Reserve, backed by debit.

So the big winners were the military industrial complex, the CIA and the big banks, just to name a few. I now believe that this evil has spread through out our government and across the world. I recommendation is this, take action America. Save your democracy and freedoms while you still can.

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