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Jesus the Laver Teaches – Do What Ever It Takes

Based on our previous postings regarding the Laver, we have uncovered a number of key attributes of Christ Jesus. Our intention is to use them as the model of perfection of what we are called to be. As we progress in this section, we plan on using these key attributes to help us better understand how our own actions and decisions compare to the pure light of Jesus’ life, hoping that they will reveal our hidden faults. As with any scripture that teaches us about Jesus, we have the opportunity to meditate on these stories and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to the truth. When we find similar circumstances in our own life we should ask ourselves, “What actions did I take (or not take) and what needs to change for me to be more like Jesus?”

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

As mentioned in our previous posts, cleansing at the Brazen Laver was a prerequisite for entering into the Holy place of God.


The Brazen Laver In Front Of The Holy Place

This cleansing is necessary to enter the Holy place of God because it is a place of relationship with the Father, enlightenment from God, and victory in spiritual warfare. The physical washing at the Tabernacle Laver is symbolic of the spiritual cleansing necessary for us to enter into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we must focus on Jesus our Laver to clearly see ourselves in His light, so that we may invoke the Holy Spirit and achieve the purification necessary for a closer relationship with God. Once achieved, we will find a loving relationship that will enlighten our pathway and empower us for the ministry He has chosen for us. This purification can come only through Christ Jesus because He is the one living Tabernacle that came down from heaven, and He is the fulfillment of the Tabernacles’ Laver.

In prior postings we spent quite a bit of time looking at the actions and words of Jesus that support our claim that He is the fulfillment of Tabernacle prophesy. It may be a good idea to review these postings as some points in them are reference in this document.






So now we will proceed with our list of the attributes of Jesus that pertain to the reflections of Jesus our Brazen Laver. I hope that you will be able to use this section on “Jesus the Brazen Laver – Teaching on Do what ever it takes,” to better understand who Jesus is and to also apply the model of Jesus the Laver to your life.

A second key point is to do whatever it takes to get the message across. In the case of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, Jesus gets their attention by performing an activity (the washing of feet) that was assigned to the lowest of servants in their culture[i]. The message here is to disregard social norms concerning status in society when serving God. With Jesus, God leveled the social status playing field.

Chalivoy Milon - Christ Washes Peters Feet

Jesus demonstrated this quality throughout His ministry. For example, He frequently challenged the Scribes and the Pharisees to do what they preached. He turned over the merchants tables on the steps to the temple.

Jesus Turns Over the Merchants Tables

Jesus Turns Over the Merchants Tables

He healed on the Sabbath and He went to the cross without offering any resistance.

The Kiss of Judas

The Kiss of Judas

He stood up for the truth. He took a stand for what was right. He never recanted. Through all of His passion and the awful things that they did to Him, He refused to deny that He was the Christ. They whipped Him, punched Him in the face, pulled out His beard, spit upon Him, mocked Him, exhausted Him carrying the cross, they nailed Him and Hung Him out like a criminal for everyone to see.


Through all of this He never denied the truth about being the Christ, the Son of God, because this information came straight from the Father. He knew the truth and stood firm on it.

The Transfigured Jesus With Moses

The Transfigured Jesus With Moses

In looking into Jesus our Laver (the words and actions of Jesus) we see ourselves in His perfect light. He did whatever it took in what would seem to me to be the most difficult of circumstances. Certainly, what He did is incredible. None the less, we have to ask ourselves when we have stood for the truth of the Father like Jesus did. When did we fail? What would have been a more appropriate action in that circumstance for us? All of us have fallen short of the mark at least once, choosing not to rock the boat. Certainly the words and actions of Jesus our Laver give us all a lot to contemplate in our prayer time. Let us all ask the Holy Spirit help us in our quest to do what is right in the sight of the Lord. Help us to do what ever it takes.

[i] Spirit Filled Life Bible, p 1600, note 13-5