Do We Have the Love of Jesus in our Heart

Continuing our discussion from our past posting we now address another important point. Based on the scriptures presented in that posting, we suggest that the law of the Jews is replaced by the love in the hearts of the true followers of Jesus. To illustrate the case in point, the law states: “Thou shall not commit adultery,” but Jesus indicates that looking at a woman with lust for her in our heart is adultery. Clearly this is a higher standard that simply refraining from the act alone. This higher standard requires a change in heart, something that the law could not provide.

After all, what kind of heart will not resist an evil person but turn the other cheek? What kind of heart will give a thief both the cloak as well as the coat? What kind of heart will give to him that asks and not turn away? What kind of heart will love their enemies, bless those that curse them, do good to them that hate them and pray for them which despitefully use and persecute them? It takes a perfect heart. What kind of heart does it take to pray to truly seek and worship God rather than pray for our own selfish and sometimes fleshly wants. What kind of heart will fast simply to shed the bonds of the flesh and to be closer to God? What kind of heart will turn aside the treasures of the earth in favor of the treasures of Heaven? What kind of heart will sell all they have and follow Him? What heart will trust Him in all things? It takes the heart of God that can only come to you by way of the Holy Spirit.

In considering all of these things we should all contemplate if we in fact, have the love of Jesus in our heart.