Enter Into The Spiritual Warfare Of Jesus

In our past several postings we have taken a good look at the spiritual warfare of Jesus. We did this of course in our quest to show how His words and deeds match up to the attributes and functionality of the Golden Altar of Incense. From this analysis we have verified that Jesus is victorious in spiritual warfare as the Golden Altar predicted.

This analysis was preceded by similar studies that correlated Jesus to the Golden Lamp Stand and then the Table of Showbread. What these subsequent studies reveal is that there is an exact correlation between the words and deeds of Jesus, and attributes and functionality of these two objects as well. From these studies we have verified that Jesus is the light of the world and the bread of life as He claimed.

What we have found then, is that Jesus is the fulfillment of the hidden prophesies contained in the design of the Holy Place, where these object reside. Therefore, since the entryway to the Holy Place is called the Truth, and Jesus proclaimed, “I am the Truth”, we now have insight into the identity of Jesus.

Jesus is the way of truth through which we achieve a closer relationship with the Father. He is the doorway of truth through which we must pass to find our purpose and the steps that we must take to please the Father. He is the passageway of truth that leads us into victories over the forces of evil. Finally, He is the entryway of truth through which we enter into the Fathers’ perfect love, which results in our health, prosperity and joy.

So, the benefits of entry into Jesus the Holy Place are the benefits of entering into spiritual warfare. Choosing not to enter is a very dangerous proposition because we are in a war weather we like it or not. Innocent bystanders are frequently attacked in war. Since they do not expect to be attacked they become traumatized when struck by an unknown and unseen enemy. Since they have chose not to enter into God’s provision they are not skilled or equipped for the battle. They are therefore helpless and often do not even understand that they have become a victim of war. The result is that they are often doomed to live under the domination of evil.

I can speak about being an innocent victim of spiritual warfare because I was one. The attack rocked me to the brink of death and I crossed over to the other side where I found myself on the Judgment Seat before God. I also experienced the spiritual reality of making poor choices in my life, namely Satan, Hell and the Pit of Fire. God had mercy on me and returned me to life for a second chance.

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That is it for today. Next time we plan to look at some more reasons to enter spiritual warfare.

May God blessings be upon you,