Protect the Innocent – Protect our Precious Children

The first thing you need to know is that the Covid vaccines are really genetic modification experiments. They are not FDA approved but are available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that protects the manufactures from prosecution for any harm resulting from the so-called vaccines. Because of the shortcuts taken in the EUA approval process, the truth is that no one knows what the long-term effects of this experimentation may have on your family’s health. Therefore, much caution is advised.

Unfortunately, many believe that the Covid-19 vaccines are fully FDA approved because of false news reporting. These flawed news reports also suggested the initiation of mandates in business and government agencies. They also stated that everyone else could feel safe to step forward to get their shot. All of this is deceit. The only FDA-approved Covid-19 treatment is Comirnaty, but it will not be publicly available for years to come. All of this is a trick on the people to accept the mandates and take the shot.

Their propaganda has proven successful as mandates are now in place, and people have been misled into taking a vaccine that they believed was safe. They are not safe as they have many serious side effects, including death. Now they want to inoculate your precious children with this experimental treatment. Those who defy their orders may soon have to stand against their evil tactics of lies, concealment, deception, intimidation, and extortion. They seek to gamble with our future. Parents may have to stand firm in resisting their plan.

Some parents will be understandably concerned about their children contracting Covid. So, how can they avoid giving them the shot? I recommend the protocols published by Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC.) A copy of their prophylactic and treatment protocols can be found below.

I recommend that you also view the FLCCC website ( to obtain additional details that fine-tune the protocols for you. The protocols above will very effectively protect your child’s immune system from covid-19, even if there are extenuating circumstances like preexisting conditions. In fact, these protocols can defend all your family members, even those who have received the vaccine.   

If you support this message, please consider passing on hard copies to your family and friends. Ask them to consider making and passing out replicas as well.

Protecting Yourself from Covid Vaccine Side Effects and Complications

For anyone forced to take the Vaxx or anyone suffering complications from the shot, the following guidelines will help to improve your ability to counteract these side effects.