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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


While growing up I enjoyed watching a television program called, “The Twilight Zone.” This program reportedly presented stories of real-life experiences that defied explanation using the laws of physics. There certainly have been “Twilight Zone” experiences in my life and the story below is one of them. 


I was drafted in July 1965 and went through my Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Immediately afterward, I was assigned to an Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) unit in Fort Ord California, where this “Twilight Zone” like experience took place.

This is a picture of my unit. I'm in the last row, on the right, the one with the glasses. This is a picture of my unit. I’m in the last row, on the right, the one with the glasses.

In December 1965, I experienced an event that altered the life path that I had been on up to that point.

It occurred at Fort Ord California while I was in the last week of Advanced Infantry Training (AIT). Wednesday was the day we picked up our laundry, and I had carried mine back to barracks as the Sun was setting. As I walked across the billet to my bunk, I could see that darkness was falling through the windows I passed by. I was placing items into my footlocker when I noticed a faint light now illuminating the darkness outside, and I wondered what it might be. I continued to watch as it slowly lit up the entire street scene outside, and, eventually, the light was streaming into our poorly lit billet as well.

There were now several soldiers in the street looking up into the sky and pointing to something. Curious to see what it was, I walked back toward the billet door. I could see that the number of GI’s in the street was rapidly growing as I re-passed the long line of windows on the wall.

When I arrived at the exit, I found that a group of about ten unknown soldiers standing in the doorway. They were engaged in banter and were just having a good time, oblivious to my need to exit.

So, I asked them to make way for me, but they seemingly did not hear me. So, I asked again, using an elevated voice, but saw no change in their behavior. Determined to see what was going on outside, I thought that I would work my way through them, gently pressing on them if necessary. When I pressed into the first man I encountered, I found that I could not move him with a light force. So, I gradually increased my effort until my maximum strength would not budge him. It was then that I stepped back to look at this wall of a man.

I became a bit startled when I saw his motionless face. I stared at him for a moment and determined that there was no eye movement or detectable breathing. Then suddenly, there was quiet. The typical sounds of a billet filled with active soldiers had instantly turned to pure silence. I refocused on the beads of sweat on the man’s face; they were just hanging there, not trickling downward as if there were no gravity.

My gaze panned across to the other soldiers in the doorway. They were standing there like manakins in a store window, seemingly flash-frozen in time.

I slowly panned my gaze across the billet. It looked as if someone had pressed the stop button on their video. There was no sound and no movement.

I then focused on the light streaming through the windows. I saw the dust suspended in the air and observed that even these particles were motionless, not being affected by any air currents.

The light looked something like this.

The light looked something like this.

I turned back to the doorway and looked at the soldiers standing there. I wondered why I could move and look around while they could not. Then suddenly, everything returned to normal. The men in the doorway continued in their banter, precisely from where they left off. The sounds of the billet returned as before. I turned back toward my bunk and could see everyone moving around as if nothing had happened.

I looked through the windows and could see that the light was now fading. So I worked my way through to the door, open it, and I looked up into the sky. I saw a ball of light ascending into the heavens, gradually growing dimmer as it rose until it disappeared, leaving only darkness.

I returned to my bunk, sat down, and looked around. There was no one talking about what had just happened. The men were doing what they always did as if nothing had happened. Then it dawned on me; they had nothing to remember. But then, why would I be the only one to experience what happened?

My answer came early the next morning when the Company Clerk came and escorted me to the Company Commander office. Once we were inside the HQ, he directed me to go right in. So I marched right in, did a left face on the center of the Captain’s desk, came to Attention, and saluted while shouting, “Sir, Private Gordon reporting as ordered, Sir.” The Captain firmly responded, “At ease, Private,” and I moved to Parade Rest.

The Captain then spoke in an agitated voice, “Gordon, did you know that you have a type 2 profile on your eyes?” I replied immediately replied, “Sir, Private Gordon does not know what a type 2 profile on his eyes is, Sir.” The Commander sighed deeply and sat back a bit in his chair while continuously looking me in the eye. “Son, it means that you can not be in an Infantry Unit. I will make arrangements for someone to get you reassigned. That is all.” I came back to Attention, saluted the Captain, did a left face, marched out of his office and out of the HQ. As I walked back to my billet, all I could do was wonder why I had to endure all of this training before anyone noticed my ineligibility.

It was not till much later in my life that I realized what a tremendous gift I had received that day. I escaped being assigned to an Infantry Unit in 1965, in the hight of the ramp-up of the Viet Nam War. I had received an extraordinary blessing!

Then I thought about the other times that I had been removed from harm or redirected away from danger. Some would call them miracles because there is no way to explain them scientifically. I viewed them as divine interventions in my life. All the experiences I never told anyone. When I looked at these, I could see a pattern of protection that was continuously there for me. This experience was just another in a long line that protected me in supernatural ways. If these other experiences were not present, then I think that there may be speculation as to what exactly happened that night at Fort Ord. I have communicated these experiences here in this blog. Because they exist, I must connect the dots and conclude that God has been directing my steps.

Further evidence will come in the stories that I will be publishing here. They will help in the continuation of our connect the dots initiative that will make you wonder about the mathematical probability of coming to any different conclusion? It is clear to me that only God can do the things that have described here. What is clear is that the direction of my life changed course in that short, 12-hour span.

Oh, I did eventually go to Viet Nam, but not as a part of an Infantry unit. In 1966, I was with the 618th Maintenance Company in the Central Highlands. Years later, when I was doing my research, I came to the belief that all the men in my training unit became apart of the Fourth Infantry Division. I remember watching their convoy stretching out for miles as they moved past us and on to their westward targets.

It was only a few days later that we heard the sounds of their battles. We felt the ground shaking as the bombs and shells exploded miles away. The sounds of the explosions rumbled through the air like rolling thunder through the nights. I remember lying in my bunk on one of those nights, thinking, I’m glad I am not where those boys are today. As it turns out, this Division took more casualties than any other unit in the Vietnam War.

Thant you, Lord. Praise God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


After I entered elementary school, I started to encounter things that could not be explained by the laws of physics. Some call these strange experiences ESP or extrasensory perception. I would dream things that would come true and know things that were to happen before they occurred. I have been publishing a series of my experiences here in an effort to communicate how God repeatably warned me of danger through the years of my life. In today’s story, I travel through space and time to gain prior knowledge to a horrible event that about to happen. This event changed world history and is still a topic that is still examined, researched and analyzed to this day. I happened shortly after I graduated from high school.


I was still living at home with my mom and dad at the time and was delivering pizzas at night for income. I did not have a car, so I walked to work every day arriving at about four o’clock in the afternoon and then returned back home again around midnight on weeknights and two in the morning on the weekends. One November night while I was walking home alone, I felt a big emptiness inside. It is difficult for me to explain, but I had a guilty feeling down in my gut. I had experienced these feelings before when I did something very wrong to someone but that was not the case here. This was a much larger emptiness than I had ever felt before, it was as if an enormous injustice had been done.

When I arrived home from work that night I was exhausted so I went straight upstairs to my room and went to bed. It was then that a phenomenal experience began to happen to me. As I was dozing off to sleep, I would awake with a start as I sensed that my legs were floating off the bed and into the air. As I was quite concerned about this feeling I sat straight up in bed and touched my hands to my legs to ensure that, yes, they were still there. Rationalizing that this must have been part of a dream I decided to simply ignore the floating sensation and go back to sleep. So, I bedded down a second time, intent on getting some desperately needed sleep and dozed off again, only to wake with a start a second time sensing that my entire body had been lifted two feet above my bed and was floating there. Once again I sat straight up immediately only to find myself in bed as normal once again. I thought to myself, this is crazy, I am extremely tired, most likely coming down with a cold, the flu or something like that. I once again determined to ignore these weird sensations because I needed the sleep. So, when the sensation of floating up off my bed reoccurred I simply ignored it, hoping that it would go away.


Floating up from my bed.

The sensations did not go away however and my body not only floated up off my bed, but it passed effortlessly through the ceiling and roof of my house as well. From there my ascent continued rapidly up into the sky and I passed through a cloud layer. Eventually, I stopped traveling straight up and started moving in a direction parallel to the earth. I continued on this course for quite some time and as I traveled through the night sky, I could feel the air getting warmer. This meant to me that I must have been traveling south. Then I started descending, and I saw a city full of lights ahead of me. I continued a gradual descent until I arrived at the side of a tall brick building without any visible windows. In addition, I saw streetlights arrayed in a straight line in front of the building and parallel to the curb. Each streetlight was made of metal and they curled over at the top like the hook at the top of a candy cane.

Then, I noticed a woman standing beneath one of the street lights who had her head was down, and who was sobbing uncontrollably. As I hovered above her I watched her and felt great compassion for her grief.

Woman standing under the street lights.

I started to wonder what had gone so wrong that caused her sadness and I wondered if I might be able to help her in some way. Could she hear me if I spoke I wondered? Then I wondered if I could even speak. I deduced that I had nothing to lose and tried to speak but no sound came out. It was as if there was not enough air to speak. For a moment I contemplated abandoning my effort to speak but committed instead to try to use a louder voice. This time it worked as I said to her, “What is wrong lady?” and then watched for a response. She did not respond but kept sobbing as if she did not hear me. Then, I thought perhaps she will indeed, not be able to hear me. Not giving up I spoke once again increasing the volume, “Why are you crying1?”

To my surprise she answered without looking up, “Why, don’t you know? Don’t you know that today they killed the President?”

At that instant, I don’t know how, but I was instantly transported back to my bed. I was sitting straight up once again but this time I was thoroughly soaked in sweat. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it might explode and I was breathing like I had just run a four-minute mile. I looked around my room only to find that I was still alone in the dark. I sat there for several minutes waiting for my body to cycle back down to normal. I did not know what to think about what had just happened. The thought of the President being killed seemed a very improbable thing to me. I admired President Kennedy, and I believed that he was doing good things for our country, so I guess that his death was not something that I wanted to accept. Once again, I rationalized that although this out of-body experience seemed very realistic it, nevertheless, must have been a bad dream, so I once again went back to sleep.

When I got up the next morning, I still felt out of sorts even though I had slept in because of the hard night. I found myself at home alone as dad was more than likely working, and mom was probably out shopping. I went to the kitchen for some breakfast prior to starting my walk to work. I somehow felt displaced, like I was somewhere that I was not supposed to be. As I walked to work things just did not seem normal. For one thing, it was an overcast and gloomy day and the typically busy street that I walked along had almost no traffic for some reason. Where were all of the cars and people I wondered? It was an unusually quite walk that morning as there were no birds chirping, no horns blowing, things were eerily quite. I wondered if everything had died. Then I had that empty, hollow feeling inside of me again.

When I arrived at the pizza restaurant where I worked I entered through the back door that led to the kitchen. The owner was there watching the television as I entered. He seemed extremely angry and he shouted at me, “Do you know what those crazy people did today?” I thought to myself, “oh no!” For it dawned on me that I certainly did know and being horror stricken, I shouted back, “They killed the President.” His mood turned quizzical and he asked me how I could know this because it had just been announced on television. I just shook my head and did not answer him. I was thinking that I could never explain what had happened to me the prior night.

I do not know why or how this happened to me. Was there something that I could have done to change things? I don’t think so. Perhaps just telling the story is sufficient. Or, perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. After all, the woman under the street light said, “They killed the president.” Perhaps the experience I had indicated that a coup took place and that an evil organization was now subverting the will of the people to self rule.

I still wonder what was the value for me to know of the assassination in advance. Perhaps it was another warning of impending danger. There are many people who believe that this event was a major turning point in our country, one in which was necessary to change the nature of our democracy and the direction of our country.

Interestingly, I recent viewed a video entitled “Dark Legacy,” which was about President Kennedy, his policies and actions as President as well as the circumstances of his death. In this movie they demonstrate that time and again Mr. Kennedy took actions for peace. As a part of this demonstration they included a clip of a speech that John F. Kennedy gave to the United Nations in 1961. In it he stated that he would seek a treaty with Russia to ban on long range missiles but ultimately his intention was total disarmament of both Russia and the US as well as the elimination of all weapons and all armies from the world. I recommend that you view this film for yourself. You can find it on If you do not have a subscription you can get a free thirty day trial with no obligation.

The point of this is that a diametrically opposite view of world politics was established from the moment of his death. This is clearly demonstrated in the immediate reversal of Kennedy’s initiative to bring home all of our Viet Nam military personnel by 1965 (see for a copy of the executive order). Orders for a massive troop build up in Viet Nam were initiated within two days of the presidents assassination. It would appear that the military industrial complex had won.

Kennedy had been successful over in the Cuban missile crises but it appears that the military industrial complex may have eliminated the major obstacle to their war agenda. To get an idea of how badly the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted war, watch the movie Thirteen Days, which documents the course of events surrounding the Cuban missile crises.

We now know that if Kennedy had given in and approved the militarys recommend course of action that our invasionary force, that would have been required to secure the nuclear warheads, would have fallen victim to tactical nuclear weapons on the beach. So in seeking a peaceful solution, President Kennedy may have adverted a massive defeat of the invasion force and possibly a nuclear exchange with the Russians that would have been a result of the escalation of this incident.

So yes, I would say that we lost a lot with the loss of President Kennedy that day in November 1963.  As for me I still view this experience as a warning of danger from God, even to this current day.

Pray for peace!